The Second 5E DMG Preview Unlocked : Figurine of Wondrous Power

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Wizards Of The Coast has stated they will release some previews for the Dungeon Master Guide when they meet certain milestones on there Extra Life donation page.

A new milestone has been passed, and they have given us the preview for Figurine of Wondrous Power.




Tongue Flame! now that sounds like something I need to add to my next Game 🙂

The Dungeon Masters Guide can be preordered right now, for the release date of December 9th.

The next things to be unlocked are as follows :

  • $35,000—A selection of magic rings.
  • $40,000—Eye of Vecna, Hand of Vecna and the Orb of Dragonkind
  • $45,000—Fire arms, explosives, and alien technology
  • $50,000—Table of Contents

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