DDO Players News Episode 4: Yarr!! Pirate Booty!





Game News

Treasure Of Crystal Cove Event Is Live

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 114

DDO Community Update – 10/17/14  *Thanks To Turbine For The Mention!*


Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week October 17th – October 23rd

Pirate Grog x1 Use Coupon Code BOO31 1/Account

20 % OFF

  • Lesser Hearts Of Wood
  • Quest XP Elixirs
  • Healing Items
  • SP Potions


DDO Players News

Arcane Adventures with Dorfben Fizzlebeard: Chapter 3


News Beyond DDO

The First 5E DMG Preview Unlocked : Deck Of Many Things


Week in DDO

Drac’s Week


Rogue LVL 9

Quest – Fathom the Depths

Red Fangs

Explorer 5/12

Slayer 151/7,500


Ataraxia’s Haven

Slayer 100/1,500

Rare 0/10

Explorer 4/16


Ranger/Rogue LVL 7

Litany of the Dead Part 1

  • Tomb of the Crimson Heart
  • Tomb of the Sanguine Heart


Pineleaf’s Week

Artificer LVL 7

Litany of the Dead Part 1

  • Tomb of the Crimson Heart
  • Tomb of the Sanguine Heart

Barbarian Levels 1-3 (Permadeath character based on a d12)

  • Korthos Island
  • Smuggler’s Gems
  • That crazy Crystal Cove event


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Featured Comments

McQuiggin Left A Comment On DDO Players News Episode 3: Death By Beholder


Hey guys! Thanks for the great podcast. You guys got me hooked on DDO. I’ve listened to all three and all have been helpful. The last being the most helpful. I am a new player and the questions that were posed and the answers given helped me get some of this new game down.

One question that I do still have is TP earned, like in LotRo, or is it strictly purchased?

Another question I have been trying to figure is what server are you guys playing on? I would love to do some questing with you guys!

Your friend


Baruk Khazad!


DDO Wiki Entry On Turbine Points We Referenced



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