DDO Players News Episode 5: Lollipops and Rainbows



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Game News

Update 23 Patch 1 Release Notes

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 115


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DDO Players News

Arcane Adventures with Dorfben Fizzlebeard: Chapter 4

News Beyond DDO

The Fourth 5E DMG Preview Unlocked : Eye and Hand of Vecna, and Dragon Orb

The Fifth 5E DMG Preview Unlocked : Fire arms, explosives, and alien technology

The Sixth And Final 5E DMG Preview Unlocked : Table of Contents


Week in DDO

Drac’s Week

Rogue LVL 9

Quest – The Graverobber

HIt 400 Favor Mark! (Which unlocks Drow on server)


Ranger/Rogue LVL 8

Quest – The Bloody Crypt (Got Death Touch Bow)

Quest – Partycrashers (Failed Badly)


Pineleaf’s Week

Artificer LVL 7 (reached 8)

Quest – The Bloody Crypt

Quest – Partycrashers (Failed Badly)


Paladin LVL2 – My new Permadeath character



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McQuiggin Commented On Arcane Adventures with Dorfben Fizzlebeard: Chapter 4

Great stuff Tap! Keep it coming!

So far, I hit a 78 on my daily dice roll. Got a nice item. I wish I could remember what it was.



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