DDO Players News Episode 6: The Crafting Gauntlet Has Been Thrown

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Game News

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 116

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week October 31st – November 6th

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Permanent Release:

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DDO Players News

News Beyond DDO


Guest Segmant

Lessah With Permadeath and New Player Tips

Official Permadeath Guild Listing

DDO Wiki Newbie Guide


Week in DDO

Drac’s Week

Rogue Lvl 9

Quest – The Graverobber


Ranger/Rogue Lvl 8

Quest – Partycrashers


Pineleaf’s Week

Artificer Lvl 8

Quest – Partycrashers


Paladin Lvl 3 then died in kobold quest


Bard Lvl 2


Our Guests Lessah’s Week

Crystal Cove (alot)



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Commodore Amiga left a comment on our last episode via youtube

It would be great if you can plug our DDO Veterans Day event, which will take place on MONDAY NOV 11, 3PM & 9PM EST GHALLANDA in HOUSE Deneith. We’ll be gathering in the Temple of the Sovereign Host as we do each year. Here’s the link Thank you very much!



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