DDO Store Sales: November 7th – November 13th

Free Sample Of The Week
November 7th – November 13th
One Minute of Time Use Coupon Code TIME16 1/Account

Shared Bank Storage

795-1495 636-1196vip_button_small_en(First 20 slots)

Drac Says – If your Not VIP, I recommend this!Thumbs_Up-Custom

Character Bank Upgrades

595 476

Drac Says – Storage is never a bad thing!Thumbs_Up-Custom

Storage Bags

 95-795 76-636

Drac Says – MAKE sure to get as many in game as you can FIRST Thumbs_Up-Custom

Shared Bank: Platinum Vault

95-495 76-396vip_button_small_en

Drac Says – Free and Premium this is a good thing, as you can swap money between your chars.
Limited Release: +6 Tomes
Now in the DDO Store!
Nov 7th – Nov 13th
Bonus Days!
Get +50% Boost to Challenge Rewards!
Nov 7th – Nov 9th

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