DDO Players News Episode 9: No Save Against Tiamat



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Game News

Lamannia Release Notes

Update 24 Preview Pt. 1 – Weekly Wednesday Lunchtime Livestream

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 119


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DDO Players News

DDO Player News Special 1 : A Chat With Cordovan


News Beyond DDO

DMG Preview: The Multiverse

DMG Preview : Traps

DMG Preview : Poisons

Tiamat And Bahamat Invades Your Local Game Store

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Week in DDO

Drac’s Week

Rogue Lvl 10 (Leveled Up)

Challenges (With Lessah)

  • Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Picture Portals
  • Kobold Island: The Disruptor

Gwylan’s Stand (House P)

Party Crashers (House P)

The Tear Of Dhakaan (House P)


Ranger/Rogue Lvl 8

Fire Caves


Pineleaf’s Week


Artificer Lvl 8 Fire Caves

Paladin 3 – The Brothers


Patrick (Our Guest) Week

Mostly Paladin Epic Reincarnation Vanguard Tree



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MokTask sent in a email


Hello all, thanks for putting out this podcast!

I loathe iTunes and refuse to install it anywhere, sorry you won’t get a 5* rating from me via iTunes…..  I would rate it otherwise, but my podcast software of choice doesn’t use a rating system, sorry.  (PocketCasts for Android)

My sons have been asking to play some Pathfinder, which we have done in the past, and now I’m trying to steer them towards D&D 5E.  Its going great, with the eldest making up his own Druid, even taking my PHB to school to read during his study-hall.  (eldest is in 6th grade, youngest is in 4th grade).

As an interim, the youngest downloaded DDO via Steam, and wanted to play some together doing that.  Less of a time commitment from dad, still fun, its all good.  Since I used to play ‘back in the day’ (was a Beta Tester as I recall, same with LOTRO) – I figured why not.

Enough backstory, on with the question!  Upon logging into my account, I’m greeted with something I didn’t remember.  It turns out I have over 4,000 Turbine Points on my account.  I don’t REMEMBER having that many TP, but was reminded by a friend that we went VIP for a little while, so that must be it.

So, the question is.  What would be the best way to SPEND these points?  Since it is a pretty significant windfall of TP.

My account already has the Warforged unlocked, as well as the Monk class.

I’d be willing to take any suggestions or ideas ya’ll have under advisement.

Thanks, and keep up the great work.



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