DDO Players News Episode 11: The RNG Hate Is Real




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Game News

Festivult Is Coming!

Update 24 Heart of Madness Coming December 10th

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 121


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Free Sample Of The Week

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DDO Players News


News Beyond DDO

The Ultimate D&D Collection

5E Dungeon Masters Guide Releasing Tuesday 12/9


Week in DDO


Drac Week

Shadar-kai Assassin


  • Shadow Of A Doubt
  • Shadow Over Wehloon (Heroic)
  • Friends In Low Places

Slayer Wheloon Prison (Heroic)

  • 10/7500


Rogue Lvl 10

Atraxia’s Haven

  • Sykros Jewl
  • Slayer – 200/1500
  • Rare –  2/10
  • Explorer – 10/16


Ranger Rogue LVL 9

  • The Graverobber
  • Haunted Library
  • Mirra’s Sleepless Nights


Pineleaf Week

Ranger Rogue LVL 9

  • Behind Door
  • The Graverobber
  • Mirra’s Sleepless Nights
  • Haunted Library




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Featured Comments

Sahba Jade sent us a tweet

Enjoyed the latest podcast.  Pineleaf, come back to Sublime.  We’ll keep you alive.


FuzzyDuck81 Left A Comment On The Festivault Is Coming


Store page states that the Jester will be arriving on the 12th to turn in the coins.. which probably means update 24 will be arriving that day too because:


  1. a) u24 will include the usual shuffling around of certain cookie/cake/jelly effects (and probably amend the reward list in other ways too), so it’d be kinda dumb to have new ones appearing with the old effects for a couple of days then change a load around.
  2. b) While enabling stuff like coins is a pretty simple toggle switch for whether or not they drop in chests, I’m fairly sure switching the jester on/off (and the ice festival stuff too) requires a server restart due to changing certain terrain features & it’d just create annoyance to have 2 sessions of downtime when they can just do 1.



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