Update 24 Release Notes


The official release notes for Update 24 have been posted.

Here are some quick highlights


New Quests

  • A new adventure pack is now available that continues the Xoriat story line in DDO!
  • A new free quest is now available that is linked to the Tyranny of Dragons story line!


Mirror of Glamering: Weapons and Auras

  • Weapons can now be created using the Mirror of Glamering! NOTE: The item from which the cosmetic copy is being made from is not consumed, nor altered. The created cosmetic item is Bound to Account. Items which have special racial requirements will create a cosmetic item with the same racial requirements. Items that appear and remain in the quest upon exit cannot be Glamered. The Mirror of Glamering can be purchased in the DDO Store, and can also rarely appear in Daily Dice.
  • The Mirror of Glamering will make a copy of the base look of a weapon, and will retain the weapon’s particle effects (such as flaming.)
  • The weapon cosmetic will only display on your character when you are wielding a weapon with the same combat style. The current combat styles are one-handed, two-handed, quarterstaff, great axe, crossbow, repeating crossbow, bow, rune arm, orb, and shield-only. Handwraps, and thrown weapons are not able to be made into cosmetics.
  • A Glamered Weapon Aura can be used to create a cosmetic “look” on a weapon (such as flaming.) An Aura recipe also exists that allows someone to remove the visual effect of their weapon (such as flaming.) Glamered Weapon Auras do not function on bows, crossbows, or repeating crossbows.


  • Anniversary Cards and future card recipes are now linked to their events, which means that the recipes created by combining various cards will only be available when the event is active. Anniversary Cards can no longer be used to make Anniversary Card recipes.
  • Festivult Cookies have seen some adjustments for 2014! The Lord of Blades Cookie now has Blade Barrier, the Marilith Cookie has Burning Blood, Suulomades Cookies now has Teleport (and can be used in public spaces), the Warforged Titan Cookie now has Titan’s Grip, and the Web Cookie now has Rejuvenation Cocoon.
  • Players can now unlock the ability to use the Harper enhancement tree through the acquisition of 310 Harper favor. Visit the Harper Patron, Olarra Idlewist, located in the Eveningstar Tavern, to get started. Once unlocked, the Harper tree is available to all characters on the same account.
  • The drop rates of items in many quests have been increased, including:
    • The drop rate of the Animus Rune Arm from Devil Assault.
    • The drop rate of the Mad Lute and Mysterious Bauble items from The Weapons Shipment.
    • Drop rates on named items in the Sands of Menechtarun landscape.
    • Drop rates on named items in the quests located in the Menechtarun Desert have been increased on Elite and Epic difficulties.
    • Drop rates on Druid’s Deep named items.
    • Drop rates on the High Road named items.
    • Drop rates on the Gianthold named items.
    • Drop rates on Disciples of Shadow named items.
    • Drop rates on the Wheloon quest chain named items.
    • Drop rates on Optional chests in the Storm Horns.
    • Drop rates on named items in Brothers of the Forge and A Study in Sable.
    • Drop rates for named loot in the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar.
    • Drop rates of Cormyrean items in Eveningstar Challenge chests.
    • Drop rates of King’s Forest items.
    • Drop rates for Underdark quest named items.
    • Drop rates for Demonweb quest named items.
    • The drop rate of Eveningstar Commendations from the King’s Forest, Underdark, and Demonweb quests no longer overlap with named item drops, making it more likely to get an item or Commendations.
    • The drop rate of Web of Chaos quest named items have been increased on Elite and Epic Elite difficulties.
    • Drop rates of Secrets of the Artificers quest named items have been increased slightly on Normal and Elite.
    • Drop rates of quest named items in The Red Fens.
    • Drop rates of Maleficent Cabal named items.
    • Drop rates of named quest items in The Xorian Cipher.
    • Drop rates on named quest items in Invaders!.
    • Drop rates on items in Garamol’s chest in The Subterranean.
    • Drop rates on items in Restless Isles.


Monster Manual:
  • The Monster Manual has been updated to include Update 24 monsters.


Update 24 also, includes the changes to the Barbarian as well!

Be sure to read all of the changes here

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