DDO Players News Episode 12 : No Drac RNG JuJu



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Game News

Update 24 Hotfix Release Notes

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 123

The Great MMO Face-Off of 2014 – Quarterfinals

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DDO Players News

1550 Turbine Point Code Giveaway

Arcane Adventures with Dorfben Fizzlebeard: Chapter 6

News Beyond DDO

D&D 12 Days of Christmas


Week in DDO

Drac Week

Rogue Lvl 2

  • Korthos Island
  • Heyton’s Rest *Hard*
  • The Cannith Crystal *Hard*
  • The Collaborator *Hard*
  • The Storehouse’s Secret *Hard*
  • Slayer 51/750
  • Rare 2/3
  • Explorer 6/12

Shadar-kai Lvl 15 (With Pineleaf)

  • Disciples Of Shar
  • Escape Plan
  • Magistrate Office


Wheloon Prision

Slayer 120/7500

Rare 1/12

Oriphaun’s Journal’s 10/24


Rogue Lvl 10

Challenge Dr. Rushmore’s Mansion: Moving Targets 4 times (With Lessah)


Ranger/Rogue Lvl 9 (With Pineleaf)

  • The Dead Predators
  • The Keeper’s Sanctuary – one room was most ridiculous.
  • Redwillow’s Ruins


Pineleaf Week


Morninglord Lvl 15 (with Drac)

  • Disciples Of Shar
  • Escape Plan
  • Magistrate Office


Artificer 9 (with Drac)


  • The Dead Predators
  • The Keeper’s Sanctuary – one room was most ridiculous.
  • Redwillow’s Ruins


Artificer 4 (PD)


  • Stand Your Ground
  • Dirty Laundry
  • The Stormreaver Fresco



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Some comments from the 1550 Turbine Point Giveaway



Come on RNG … no Drac juju };)



Thx guys this would be good Christmas present for my nephew



Fellow Guildie who does so much for the guild could really use this. thanks and Happy Festivult.



Hey, Random Number Generator, have you been working out? You’re lookin’ pretty spiffy today!



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  1. Misstral /

    I like the Stealth Repo quest! The xp is great, it’s quick & a bit of a challenge. The key is to keep the dungeon alert down by dispatching any kobolds that aren’t prophets. It’s easer to do on hard because the prophets have enough hitpoints that you don’t kill them by accident. If you do it with two people, have one kite, and one person kill. Enjoy!

    BTW, thanks for making this show!

  2. Re: Stealthy Reposession – if you know what you are doing and have access to invisibility, this can actually be a pretty fast little xp run

  3. This quest is one of the few remaining low level ‘watermark’ quests. You can use several different tactics to actually complete the quest and when you finally realize you don’t vehemently hate the quest anymore then you’ve kind of arrived. You have enough gameplay experience under your belt to consider yourself a true ‘Harbor Master’. (Look out Mr Zin.) While I can’t say it’s one of my favorite quests, I do consider it to be quite valuable. Elite at level completion on any given class – no sweat. It’s a trophy kind of thing. Mark it off the bucket-list and tackle the next mountain.

  4. FuzzyDuck81 /

    Stealthy repossession is a quest that means you have to take a thoughtful approach, and introduces you to the concept of crowd control – a caster of some kind will probably have the easiest time in there with judicious application of hypnotism, fascinate, command, hold person & invisibility (depending what you have available).

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