DDO Players News Episode 16 : Magic Marker Bikinis




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Applications for the 2015 DDO Players Council Open Now

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 125


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DDO Players News

DDO Players Screen Shot Of The Week #4


News Beyond DDO


Week in DDO


Drac Week

Rogue LVL 11

Kobold Island: The Disruptor Challenge (3 Times) With Lessah

Sands of Menechtarun


  • Gnolls 149/3,000
  • Sorrow 6/3,000
  • Undead 142/3,000
  • Rare 4/16

Quests In Menechtarun

  • The Chamber of Kourush

500 Total Favor
Ranger/Rogue Lvl 10

The Free Agents

  • Hiding in Plain Sight
  • The Restless Isles


Pineleaf Week

Artificer Lvl 10

The Free Agents

  • Hiding in Plain Sight
  • The Restless Isles


Barbarian Lvl 3

  • Protect Baudry’s Interest
  • Stop Hazadil’s Shipment
  • Retrieve the Stolen Goods (Hard)
  • Bringing the Light
  • The Smuggler’s Warehouse
  • Garrison’s Missing Pack
  • An Explosive Situation
  • The Miller’s Debt


Our Guest Bonnie Bew’s Week

Shrouds, Shrouds, And More Shrouds!



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Featured Comments

Perkysaurus left a comment on DDO Players News Episode 15 : Vampiric Tieflings

I am really enjoying the new player side of things given how long ago I started DDO. With so many tr’s behind me it was you talking about permadeath that got me thinking about new challenges and how to bring a fresh change of perspective on things. While I work on my triple completionist I will certainly be giving PD a try to see how I can now handle the lack of nearlimitless resources and past lives 🙂 Hope all your dice roll 20’s and all your loot is epic 🙂





I also want  to take a second to make a comment about the Sands of Menechtarun.  Draculetta had mentioned that he has started to do some questing out there and I just wanted to mention that the Desert is one of my favorite areas.  I really like the adventure area and enjoy making my way through the quests out there.  The landscape is fun to make your way through and it can be a source of a large amount of experience.  It also has a large number of named items such as the Bloodstone, Ring of Spellstroing, Bow of Elements (Air), Firestorm greaves, Xuum, Flint, and to name just a few.  Have fun out there and if you really like traps, head into the Tomb of the Wizard King!!  Also, Pineleaf might be interested to know that Hand of the Tombs is an often sought runearm that drops in the treasure room of the Tomb of the Wizard King.

Take care and enjoy the Desert!!


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    I did just want to make sure to clarify that we have no issue with fan site/player web site creators being on the Players Council. If you work as a paid journalist with a web site that covers our games, then we may not be able to have you on, but fansites are fine.


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