DDO Players News Episode 17 Ghola-Fan Stalker!



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Game News

Phone closures due to inclement weather

The Risia Ice Games and Midwinter Festival are back

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 126

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week January 23th – February 15th Midwinter Spirit Token Use Coupon Code COLD23 2/Account


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  • Shared Bank Storage
  • Character Bank Upgrades
  • Storage Bags
  • Shared Bank: Platinum Vault


Winter Events!

Risia Ice Games & Midwinter Festival Begins! Jan 23rd – Feb 15th


DDO Players News

DDO Players Screen Shot Of The Week #5

Arcane Adventures with Dorfben Fizzlebeard: Chapter 7


News Beyond DDO

D&D Dungeon Master’s Screen 5E is out now

Temple of Elemental Evil Storyline and Products Announcement

Temple of Elemental Evil Boardgame


Week in DDO


Drac Week

Rogue LVL 12 (reached)

Sands of Menechtarun (With Bonnie Bew)

  • The Chamber of Raiyum (The Free Agents)
  • An Offering of Blood (The Free Agents)
  • Chains of Flame (The Free Agents)


Flagged for Demon Queen, Have not ran yet

Chests runs in Menechtarun (Trying to get Longbow)


Ranger/Rogue Lvl 10


Restless Isles

  • Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan! (The Free Agents)


Bought Airship For Gold. Wow I’m broke!


Pineleaf Week


Artificer Lvl 10

Restless Isles

  • Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan! (The Free Agents)


Barbarian Level 4 (PD)

  • Durk’s Got a Secret
  • Haverdasher
  • The Kobolds’ New Ringleader
  • The Kobolds’ Den: Clan Gnashtooth (Waterworks)
  • The Kobolds’ Den: Rescuing Arlos


Artificer Level 2

  • The Grotto
  • Heyton’s Rest
  • The Cannith Crystal
  • The Storehouse’s Secret
  • The Collaborator
  • Redemption

Purple Knight Level 15

Only a short time



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iTunes Reviews

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Featured Comments

Mok left a comment on Temple of Elemental Evil Boardgame


Yeah. Awesome. Love the Adventure System games. This will be an instant purchase.

My only qualm is that the system itself is VERY deadly, crazily so. Just wondering since it will be the Temple of Elemental Evil – by name only it will be more deadly yet again….

Maybe give options for leveling characters playing by more than just levels 1 and 2. As a suggestion…… ? Please?



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One comment

  1. PDK (Purple Dragon Knights) are human, not dwarves. And they are fighters at least by design at level 1. You can always (and some people do) use a +1 heart to swap out of it and into something else. It’s slightly misleading as visually they kind of have the half-orc shaped body. Part of the build glory in using a PDK is the ability to use charisma as your attack/damage modifier instead of Strength. One of the interesting builds I have seen highlighting this aspect is a 9Monk/8Fighter/3Paladin able to wield a Greatsword as a Ki Weapon. Also…you should check out the size of a PDK in Druid wolf form. 🙂 It’s impressive to say the least. This is just spur of the moment thinking, but I can imagine a PDK Fighter/Sorc hybrid would do quite well too. CHA being suddenly a common stat of great importance. At any rate, don’t let a bad experience keep you from some neat builds. Especially as the Iconic characters all really do have so neat “quirks” that realy set them apart from the other races.

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