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Jeff Perren Creator of Chainmail (precursor to D&D) needs help

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Drac Week

Rogue LVL 12

The Enemy Within (House J) Mind Flyers!


Ruins of Threnal

In Need of Supplies (On Elite) (House P)


Ranger/Rogue Lvl 10

Slavers of the Shrieking Mines (The Free Agents) Failed Hirelings Killed Miners!

Devil Assault (The Coin Lords)


Pineleaf Week

Artificer Lvl 10

  • Slavers of the Shrieking Mines (The Free Agents) Failed Hirelings Killed Miners!
  • Devil Assault (The Coin Lords)

Barbarian Level 4 (PD)

  • Sharn Syndicate
    • Stand Your Ground
    • Dirty Laundry
    • The Stormreaver Fresco
    • The Bookbinder Rescue – Failed twice (OK, he’s dead in my eyes)


Bard 2 (PD)

  • Created character
  • Shipwreck Shore (The Grotto)
  • Heyton’s Rest
  • The Storehouse’s Secret
  • The Cannith Crystal
  • The Collaborator



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Jerry Snook (AKA Cordovan) left a comment on Episode 16 : Magic Marker Bikinis

I did just want to make sure to clarify that we have no issue with fan site/player web site creators being on the Players Council. If you work as a paid journalist with a web site that covers our games, then we may not be able to have you on, but fansites are fine.



Amalthius, Knight of Veluna Sent In An Email

Am new to your webcast and enjoy it lotz.  Am a near-founder on Thelanis and have been looking for a better populated server.  What’s your home server and which currently have the best levels of population?  Thelanis is so sparse most of the time that the AH can be very frustrating and pugging can be a pain.  I have three characters I am trying out and can’t find decent gear … even when I DO have the plat to spare.  Have almost 30 toonz, including bankerz.  Recently started an arcane archer half elf ranger at L7 on the Orien server and the population level there seems better, but not what I’d hoped it would be.

Looking forward to TOEE, since it is lower level (and an unmitigated classic).  Have played DnD since the early 80’s (though not since 3rd edition rules came out) and DDO since a week before launch.  PC gamer from waaaaay back.

Co-leader of Dread Moon guild on Thelanis, but it is now just my brother and me in the guild.  Lost our other guild mates, including the founding members, over the last few years.  Still hanging in at guild level 33.  Yes, I am an old fart nerd.  Hope to hear from you soon.  Keep on truckin!

Amalthius, Knight of Veluna

aka Amallouttagum, Hexbox Flaystation, Arkannik, Amalthyst and former circus strongman, Barnuman Bailee.  (part of a series of fine collectible action figures … from Amalco)  “Go for the eyes, Boo!”)


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  1. This reply comes with a disclaimer. I am biased and will be making no attempt at neutrality. I play on Thelanis as my home server and have been playing since just before level cap went to 12 from level 10. I was here for the first anniversary celebration. I have seen changes and reversions and have weathered all of it while still enjoying the game. I often hear people complain about low server volumes. I do not believe this to be the case in most instances. Much like the frequent complaint of lag, sometimes it’s real and most of the time it’s client-side issues of one kind or another (hardware, terminate-and-stay-resident programs, low RAM, etc.). I will offer three points in defense of my belief. I know a LOT of people that prefer to play /anon. I have even within the last week seen three different public channel questions about how to enter this status and whether or not they had to manually enter it upon login every time or not. This means that when searching for players on the social panel, they will be excluded giving the impression of fewer people. And even amongst the people who don’t play anonomously, there are people like me who party when I need to but prefer to solo 9 times out of 10. Secondly, with the increasing push towards guilds and the (advisable) use of the friends list, many, many people open parties first to guildies, second to friends and finally to PUGs assuming they haven’t filled. This is not true of everyone, but the fact that it is relatively a common practive means that the LFM panel is less populated than it potentially used to be. And third and finally, with the advent of cannith crafting and free-to-play, the Auction House is nowhere near what it used to be. I used to post up every single piece of loot I pulled for 50%-100% of it’s value as buyout and that’s how I made my plat reserves. These days all my stuff goes into the crafting hopper unless it’s something particularly good and then I’m more likely to pass it on or bank it instead of AHing it. (On a side note, there’s also a considerable lack of what I would call “quality” random-gen heroic gear these days anyways due to the state of the game and it’s loot modifiers, but that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.) And since “basic” F2P (not Premium) only get to post one item to the Auction House at a time….well, whatever percentage of the population that happens to be probably isn’t posting much up there either. In conclusion, there isn’t really a good way to determine what a server pop truly is. The Social panel isn’t accurate, The Auction House variety isn’t a solid tell and anecdotal perception is skewed 100% of the time.

    The best advice I can give regarding dealing with the problem is to become a friendly and reliable player. You don’t have to be great, just don’t be a liablity. Then start cultivating people on your friend’s list that you enjoy playing with so you can see when they are on and possibly join a guild that has plenty of those people in it. When you have a pool of people you CAN play with and you aren’t being avoided by them, then server pop is mostly irrelevant anyways, You can only group with 6-12 people at a time, yo.

  2. Draculetta /

    Those are some GREAT Points.. I never even really thought about the whole “Anon” thing and how that would effect it..

  3. Trying to do ‘The Binder Rescue’ without disarming traps is stacking the deck against a poor Barbarian! But kudos for trying!

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