DDO Players News Episode 20: It’s In The Eyes Of The Beholder


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Game News

Future Mysterious Remants Rewards (Monster Champions)

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 129
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DDO Players News

Winter Fantasy 2015 Dungeon And Dragons Adventurers League Panel

DDO Players ScreenShot Of The Week #8


News Beyond DDO

Dungeons & Dragons Game Sword Coast Legends Coming in 2015

Sage Advice Returns!


Week in DDO


Drac Week

Rogue 13 (Reached) (600 Total Favor)


The Silver Flame

  • The Church and the Cult


The Free Agents

  • An Offering of Blood (3 Times) With Lessah (Trying To Get Spectral Gloves  Ancient Vulkoorim Dagger)



  • The Threnal Arena (With Lessah)


House Phiarlan

  • The Snitch *On Elite* *Forgot how much I hate that quest*
  • The Spawn Of Whisperdoom *On Elite* 1rst time using LFG. Also got 64 Mysterious Remnant’s


House Jorasco

  • And the Dead Shall Rise…
  • Dreams of Insanity *Stupid Jumping at end, and Beholders*


Return to Delera’s Tomb (Finished Quest Arc)

  • Thrall of the Necromancer *On Elite*


The Coins Lords

  • Invaders! *Quest was INSANE*


Ranger/Rogue Lvl 10


  • In Need of Supplies (Elite)
  • The Rescue (Failed Elite, won Normal)
  • Secure the Area (Normal)
  • The Thernal Arena (Normal)


Pineleaf Week


Artificer Lvl 10 (Reached level 11 at end)

  • In Need of Supplies (Elite)
  • The Rescue (Failed Elite, won Normal)
  • Secure the Area (Normal)
  • The Thernal Arena


Bard 3 (PD) – Reached level 4 at end

  • Harbor
    • Protect Baudry’s Interests
    • Stop Hazadil’s Shipment
    • Retrieve the Stolen Goods
    • The Kobolds’ New Ringleader
    • The Smuggler’s Warehouse
    • An Explosive Situation
  • The Waterworks
    • The Kobols’ Den: Clan Gnashtooth
    • The Kobols’ Den: Rescuing Arlos



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  1. Great podcast! There are a couple of ways to product against beholders. The best way IMHO is to run necropolis 1 & 2 to get a tier 2 Silver flame pendant. It is minimum level 9 absorbs 5 insta-death spells. It’s not a chest reward, you just have to pick up a base item from am NPC in the necropolis. Happy Hunting!

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