DDO Store Sales: Mar 6th – Mar 12th


Free Sample of The Week March 6th – 12th
Gold Seal Elixir of Moderate Healing x10 Use Coupon Code HEAL05 1/Account



Monster Manuals

595 476 vip_button_small_en1

Drac Says – You learn new things about the monsters, and you get some good stuff for rewards Thumbs_Up-Custom

Slayer Count Boosts

 60-960 48-768

Drac Says – Anything to help with the grind! Thumbs_Up-Custom


Select Creature Companions & Accessories

 25-1195 20-956


  • Kobold Shamans
    Rust Monsters
    Gelatinous Cubelets (now available in Green!)
    Bear Cubs

Drac Says – These are fun little things, if you have the TP meh_red-Custom1

Companion Name Changes

 75-250 60-200

Drac Says – I’d say make sure you name it right the first time, and save your TP Thumbs_Down-Custom

This Weekend Only: March 6th – 8th
Get a free +5 Lesser Heart with Purchase of +20 Lesser Heart Use Coupon Code: WOOD4U

Limited Release! This Weekend Only:
+20 Lesser Heart of Wood March 6th – 8th

Last Chance! Get 15 months of VIP for the price of 12! Now – March 8th

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