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Pineleaf and Draculetta talk more about the potential changes  for Rogue – Assassin Changes and Rogue – Thief-Acrobat. Pineleaf is shocked to find something out about Drac’s play-style in the process! Pineleaf laments his distaste for jumping again. and we chat about the Silver flame pendant, as a listener writes in and gives us step by step on how to get it.

Outside of DDO, We talk about the  Castle Ravenloft Adventure system board game, as Pineleaf just picked this up, we hear his first impressions and his favorite adventure to run.



Game News

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Character Builder Lite (in development) Created by forum user EllisDee37


Rogue – Assassin Changes Updates

  • If we have time we will tweak the Bluff skill to have a longer duration and maybe an animation that doesn’t have the rogue standing there pointing for like 3 seconds. I agree the current skill is really bad; at this point it’s a matter of time since we are already working weekends to make up for all the snow days we had this winter.
  • The damage boost is appropriate for its place in the tree. Venomed Blades is too expensive though, it should be 1/1/1 AP for its effect.
  • Based on player feedback bumped the Physical Resistance Rating for Light Armor Mastery to 2/4/6.
  • Assassins should be fun for players who enjoy that type of play style.
  • The do good damage in a group because they can deliver lots of sneak attack damage when monsters are focused on others.
  • The are fun solo because they have good burst out of stealth and lots of tricks, but they are harder to play than, say, barbarian.
  • We are more interested in “is this class fun for people who like that playstyle” than ranks. I suspect any discussion about ranks will involve a lot of “how do we define the ranks?” and “by what criteria are we ranking the class?” Some people will rank classes by speed in which they can complete content solo but that’s not really a criteria we’d use. Some might use face to face survival times. How do we add the ability to disarm traps to rankings? That question will, I suspect, vary from player to player and be totally arbitrary. Discussions of ranking will like devolve quickly into areas that are not productive.


Rogue – Thief-Acrobat Changes updates


  • We aren’t currently plan on giving out free feats as they eats into the Fighter advantage.
  • We know the various trip DCs are borked, and when we look into those Sweeping Strikes will also get looked into.
  • Reduced the cost of Staff Lunge and Sweeping Strike to 1/1/1. After reading player feedback we evaluated the costs; the cooldown and effects of these don’t warrant an investment of 6 AP each.
  • Removed Momentum Defense and added Spinning Staff Wall.
  • Spinning Staff Wall: (2 AP) Active: Activate to gain 50 Physical Resistance Rating for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Passive: While wearing light or cloth armor gain 5% Dodge, 5% Maximum Dodge, and 5 Maximum Dexterity Bonus for Light Armor.


The DDO Chronicle: Issue 132   


Weekly Lunch Live Stream Was A Questions And Answers Since Servers Were Down


Mimic Hunt

Will look at Global broadcast, to see why it was not broadcasting all the time

The Plan right now is for the Mimic Hunt to come back at some point


When will Temple Hit Lammina

A – Still working on it, Will be next update 25. Scheduled has been shifted out a bit, due to all the snow. “should” be on Lammania in a few weeks. Plan is still this month. Will be looking at feedback and then will be on live soon after.


Are you seriously considering container for Potions and Scrolls

A- Yes and no, but more no. Has been brought up in the PC and the coumminty, when the opptituary comes up, he will express the interest of the community to the devs. No promises.. and not in the future at at time


Will the upcoming plans for Rogue Mechanic be shown on forums soon

a- Targeting everything but Mechanic right now, PC is working on Mechanic tree right now, probably won’t make it in U25 and won’t be on forums soon either.. They are working on it


Will Crystal cove gear/rewards get updated?

a- No

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DDO Players News

DDO Players ScreenShot Of The Week #11


News Beyond DDO

The Official D&D Podcast Interviews R.A. Salvatore

A Look at Castle Ravenloft Board Game


Week in DDO

Drac Week

Rogue Lvl 13


Ranger/Rogue Lvl 11

Vault Of Night 3

  • Gateway to Khyber
  • The Jungle of Khyber


Vault Of Night 4

  • Haywire Foundry *Failed at end*


Rogue Lvl 3 (Leveled)

Korthos Village *On Elite*

  • The Collaborator
  • Heyton’s Rest


Korthos Island *On Elite*

  • Stopping the Sahuagin
  • Redemption
  • Necromancer’s Doom


Created A New Shadar-kai (Thought  other was bugged) (Quests till showing up as 26)

Disciples of Shadow *On Hard*

  • Disciples of Shar
  • Escape Plan
  • Shadow of a Doubt


Was A Guest On DDOCast. Debate-New Players


Pineleaf Week


Artificer Lvl 11

Vault Of Night 3

  • Gateway to Khyber
  • The Jungle of Khyber


Vault Of Night 4

  • Haywire Foundry *Failed at end*


Cleric 3 (PD)

  • The Grotto
  • Heyton’s Rest
  • The Cannith Crystal
  • The Collaborator
  • Redemption
  • Necromancer’s Doom
  • Sacrifices
  • Stopping the Sahuagin
  • Misery’s Peak

Castle Ravenloft

  • The Final Transformation
  • Escape the Tomb
  • Adventure: Impossible

Wrath of Ashardalon

  • A Day in the Life of a Hero
  • The Mysterious Chamber



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Featured Comments

Shalera Dagen left a comment on DDO Players News Episode 22: When Do We Fight A Dragon?

Just thought I would mention – in the Prisoner – when you are blown off the platform, any of the required components are taken out of your inventory and put in front of the npc for you to collect – you find them as little bags.

I find your podcast quite amusing as it reminds me when I was just started playing (now 5 years ago and many many lives later)


Dan left a comment on Dungeons & Dragons Adventures System – Initial Impressions

Nice review! I’ve had Wrath of Ashardalon in my closet for ages and happened to pull it out just last week to try with a friend. We really enjoyed it, even if most of the mechanics were random random random. With just two of us, we also found that the mix of classes really made a big difference. Great seeing you guys review D&D stuff.


Caren also commented on DDO Players News Episode 22: When Do We Fight A Dragon?


As I was listening to this podcast I realized my instructions for getting an upgraded Silver Flame Talisman were as clear as mud.

Step 1 Go to necropolis and talk to NPC Jakob Izakanos to get the Silver Flame Nugget. (Do not talk to Pok Tranh or accept the Emerald Claw nugget or the silver flame one will disappear).

Step 2 Run the level 5 quests: Tomb of the Immortal Heart, Tomb of the Burning Heart, Tomb of the Crimson Heart, and Tomb of the Sanguine Heart in any order. These unlock the Bloody Crypt (level 6). Alternatively you can post an LFM for Bloody Crypt asking for someone who can unlock.

Step 3 Bring your Silver Flame Nugget and run Bloody Crypt. At the end, after you kill the boss, find the special alter to upgrade the Silver Flame Nugget into a Silver Flame Amulet.


Step 4 Run the level 8 quests: Tomb of the Shadow Guard, Tomb of the Shadow Knight, Tomb of the Shadow King, Tomb of the Shadow Lord to unlock The Shadow Crypt. Then again, Shadow Crypt is tons of XP so you may be able to find a group and skip this step.

Step 5 Bring your Silver Flame Amulet and run The Shadow Crypt. I highly recommend bringing along someone who knows this quest or using an online guide, otherwise you might be in there for days.. At the end, after you kill the boss, find the special alter to upgrade the Silver Flame Amulet into a Silver Flame Pendant.


Stop here to keep the item useful for the beholders in The Prisoner and Jungle of Khyber if you’re running them at level.

Step 6 Run the level 11 quests: Tomb of the Unhallowed, Tomb of the Blighted, Tomb of the Tormented, Tomb of the Forbidden to unlock the Cursed Crypt. Tomb of the Tormented is a horrible quest IMHO so bring someone who knows how to lead the rats. See also using LFM to open.

Step 7 Run Cursed Crypt (don’t forget your pendant). As above find the special alter to upgrade to the Silver Flame talisman (level 11)


Alternatively, you can upgrade the nugget to the amulet to the pendant to the talisman at the Cursed Crypt, but only once per run. Last time I ran these, you had to do all 4 pre-quests every time you wanted to run the Cursed Crypt, which is a pain. So make sure you have someone who can open it who doesn’t finish with you or “hold the window’




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