*Give Away Is OVER* DDO Players 500 Point Turbine Points Give Away!


And The Winner Is………….. Makax

We recently had Community Manger cordovan on the podcast


He was kind enough to give us some Turbine Points to give away to your the loyal podcast listeners, and website readers!

How do you win? it’s simple!

To enter the giveaway please leave a comment below.  Duplicate comments from the same user will be only counted once.  Each comment will be assigned a number in order.  The winner will be selected with a random number generator.  The winner will be contacted through the email attached to the comment.

Please make sure you have a valid email that you check regularly attached to the account you are commenting with.  We will send an email to the winner.  The winner will have a week to respond.  Once they respond we will send them the code and the contest will end.  If the winner does not respond within a week, we will choose and contact a new winner who will also have a week to respond.  This will continue to repeat until we find a winner.

Entries will close on April 8th.

All DDO Players (This Website)  past or current staff and immediate family are not be eligible for this contest.



  1. 😀 Aren’t we all DDO Players?

  2. Comment

    Just kidding 😛

    Looking forward to listening to the latest podcast!

  3. Celezon /

    Can’t wait for the new podcast.

  4. Lori Lavelle /

    Caught the show, lots of current information. Will keep listening!

  5. April Fool’s Day!

  6. Bavelbella /

    I want

  7. confused /

    You need commas or something.”All DDO Players past doesn’t make sense.”

  8. Jael /

    April Fool’s Day! good one 😀

  9. :O

  10. Thanks for doing this 🙂

  11. Enoach /

    I’ll pull a number 🙂

  12. LuKaSu /

    Thanks for the chance to win Turbine points!

  13. Joego /


  14. Zirxion /

    Hi guys! Thanks for the podcast!!

  15. Cool contest. Thanks for running it.

  16. GumpsGang /

    Kobold bits for sale! Get them here cheap.

  17. Jendon /

    Love free Turbine Points. Thank you.

  18. Muawijhe /

    The DDO Community rocks!

  19. Adycas /

    Woule be nice to get some TP 😀

  20. Saaluta /

    Good podcasts here. Keep it up all 🙂

    Saal 🙂

  21. Jon_D /

    Nice of Cordovan and DDO Players to offer us all the D… in Roman numerals, obviously.


  22. Drew Rankin /

    Papa needs a new stock of XP pots

  23. Zama /

    Gotta admit it’s a nice contest (or a cool April’s fools xD)! Anyway, nice podcast. Time to check some of the news available here!

  24. Buddha5440 /

    Free TP is always nice. Thanks for the donation Cordovan 🙂 Keep up the good work Players!

  25. Lexi /

    Hurray for DDO Players and Cordovan too, for his Midas touch!!

  26. Digital Terror /

    Turbine points are a wondrous thing, they buy for you lots of bling, and what I love about this most, is the chance to win with a simple post!

  27. Scruffy the janitor /

    A comment on a comment’s comment.. :O)

  28. Orion /


  29. Pyntsized Fury /

    Looking for some tp 😀

  30. Bavelbella /

    I want

  31. I do really enjoy the podcast, although I usually listen through youtube so haven’t been to the site before 😀

  32. Bacon /

    More bacon…..

  33. DeusInvictus /

    Hail to the RNG

  34. Lipidman /

    If you want to get fired up about the Indiana law, check the federal law with nearly identical language. Pumped about elemental evil and the prospect of easier 5k favor!

  35. Free points are ALWAYS cool!

  36. carpengui /

    Pleased to participate – thanks for the opportunity.

  37. I’m in, of course. 500 points, like a good buy would be the Temple, eh? 🙂

  38. Fealty /

    Great show, I really love how you guys are so cheerful and new to the game.
    BTW since yo have done the lower level dungeons like korthos and harbor, have you found yourself zerging like a pro? Also, I really remember when I was in a group of vets and they moved through a quest like a wolf pack, it was exhilarating. Patrick of DDO cast has several min max players and it would be fun to see if you could group with them see how you feel when paired up with serious vets. Just an idea. Keep up the good work.

  39. zaltrhiz /

    oh Indeed this is a most interesting possibility.

  40. jeanna /

    need points

  41. Makax /

    “a comment below”

    Also, I’m not the 42th comment –> my day is ruined ;_;

  42. Streak7281 /

    Love the podcast guys! Keep up the great work!

  43. I hope I win!

  44. james scoggins /

    love playing ddo

  45. brandy harrsion /

    love playing ddo

  46. cindy123asd /

    god will help me to win

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