DDO Store Sales: April 3rd – April 9th


Free Sample of The Week April 3rd – April 9th
Bell of Opening Use Coupon Code OPEN03 1/Account




Slayer Count Boosts

60-960 48-768

Drac Says – Always good to see this on sale! Thumbs_Up-Custom

Shared Bank, Platinum Vault, Bag Deposit Box, & Upgrades

 95-1495 76-1196

Drac Says – More Space! Yes Please! Thumbs_Up-Custom

Jewels of Fortune

25-500 20-400

Drac Says – Better Loot? Yes Please! Thumbs_Up-Custom

LAUNCH SPECIAL: Veteran Status (Level 7).

 1495 374

Drac Says – If you have TP and want these go for it, I don’t buy them myself meh_red-Custom1


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