First 48: Temple of Elemental Evil



So after a gruesome wait yesterday I finally logged on today to run Temple of Elemental Evil. I ran it for exactly 48 minutes so I could get a look at it and see what the development team at Turbine brought to the plate. So lets dive into this head first.

Wil Wheaton

So first thing I noticed is a familiar voice from one of my favorite shows Big Bang Theory. Wil Wheaton! As you go throughout the dungeon or wilderness area, or whatever it’s classified as, you get the smooth sexy tone of Wil Wheaton’s voice DMing this shindig. Also you’ll stumble upon floating balls, which after clicked on, Mr. Wheaton talks about his pubescent years and playing DnD table top game.

Temple of Endless Enemies

Lots and lots of mobs. Be ready, cause it felt tedious after about 30 minutes. I like mob killing myself but for some players it might get very repetitive.

…like a Boss

The first boss I came across was and Ogre. Heavily armored and brutish, he was actually a challenge to take down. After about 3 more bosses, one being a champion, I figured he must have been something special because the other bosses weren’t that difficult.

Forgot something Turbine

It took me over 30 minutes to find a rest shrine. It was the only one too. With as many mobs as there are there needs to be a few more in my opinion.



I give it a personal 6 out of 10 for content. I actually like killing mobs but the experience gain isn’t very much. I believe I got to about 200 or so kills and that was worth about 11,000 experience points. Oh and I found a spike pit. I like spike pits. Spike pits are cool.


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