DDO Store Sales: April 10th – April 16th


Free Sample Of The Week April 10th – April 16th
Greater Elixir of Angel’s Tears Use Coupon Code CURE10 1/Account




Harper Agent Enhancement Tree

 495 371vip_button_small_en

Drac Says – Good to see this on sale if you want to try out that tree. Thumbs_Up-Custom

Ability Stat Tomes

 295-4,795 221-3,596

Drac Says – If you have TP and want these go for it, I don’t buy them myself meh_red-Custom1

Guild Renown Elixirs

 75-9,850 56-7,388

Drac Says – If you have the TP for this, then I say yes. Anything to help that grind! Thumbs_Up-Custom

32 Point Build

 1,495 1,121

Drac says – If you a min maxer and love to try different builds this is for you! Thumbs_Up-Custom



LAUNCH SPECIAL: Veteran Status (Level 7)

 1,495 374

Drac Says – PERFECT! time to pick this up.. Jump right into the Temple! Thumbs_Up-Custom


A Month of Elemental Evil!

We’re celebrating the launch of Update 25, Reign of Elemental Evil with special bonus events every week this month! Check back here to see the bonuses of the week each week!

April 10th – April 16th

Burn through those levels with bonuses to your experience!

  • Get a +20% bonus to your Heroic Quest XP!
    Enjoy +20% Epic Quest XP!
    VIP’s get an extra +5% XP during Fire Week!

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