Update 25 Patch 1 Release Notes


As promised, the Release notes for today’s patch are here.

Here is a brief run down of the “Highlights”

  • Rogue Mechanic’s Leg Shot no longer requires level 12.
  • Druid and Artificer pet enhancements can once again be trained.
  • The Coin Lords have had a word with Fred, who is once again providing respec services.
  • Two Weapon Fighting Melee Power now applies to unarmed combat.
  • Bow Strength’s description no longer references Ranged Power (the feat itself is functioning correctly.)
Monster Manual
  • New Monster Manual IV level 1 and 3 hunter deeds now count per-character.
Quests and Adventure Areas
  • Gianthold

    • The Crucible
    • This quest no longer gives out an incorrect amount of XP, and has reopened.
  • Temple of Elemental Evil

    • Zuggtmoy is now better at finding targets at the start of her fight and after party wipes.

    • Random encounter nodes near the start of Part 2 have been adjusted to prevent a bug which caused random encounters to spawn multiple times, causing Red Dungeon Alert.

    • Zuggtmoy now spawns a Cleansing Mushroom as she begins fighting.

    • Zuggtmoy’s Caustic Spores effect no longer applies its Epic version in Heroic difficulty.

    • Zuggtmoy no longer keeps her bubble up when no minions are around.

    • Heroic level items and ingredients should no longer drop in Epic difficulties.

    • Epic Temple Robes now appear with a +11 enhancement benefit.

    • Temple Robes now have visuals on Purple Dragon Knight characters.

    • Craftable Epic weapons and armor found in the quest now have a set bonus. Existing upgraded items can be used in the Stone of Change to update.

    • Craftable Epic casting weapons have had their elemental spell power increased from 150 to 156. Existing upgraded items can be used in the Stone of Change to update.


Be sure to head over to the official page to read all the notes. See you in the game!


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