DDO Players News Episode 29 Loot, Sweet Sweet Loot



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We talk about the loot that drops in the Temple Of Elemental Evil. In keeping with the Temple theme, we hear about Drac’s and Pineleaf’s dungeon crawl through it. Outside of DDO we have a wonderful interview with 2 of the guys behind the “Battlebards” kickstarter. We learn how using it will take your D&D Sessions to the next level. (The Interview is at the END of the show)


Game News

Taking a look at Update 25 Reign Of Elemental Evil Loot

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 138

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DDO Players News


Baker’s Dozen


News Beyond DDO

Forbes Interview With Brand Director & Executive Producer for Dungeons & Dragons Nathan Stewart

Elemental Evil Player’s Companion (5e) Softcover now available

BattleBards – Fantasy Audio for Tabletop Gamers Kickstarter

We Have An Interview At The End Of The Show For The Battlebards Kickstarter


Week in DDO


Drac Week

Rogue Lvl 13

Temple Chest runs trying to get Dagger


Rogue Lvl 7

Temple With Pineleaf

  • We made it to the boss and got killed in 2 hits…

Ravenloft 5E

Did some more planning, plan to finish this up on Saturday


Pineleaf Week

Wizard Lvl 7

Temple With Draculetta

  • We made it to the boss and got killed in 2 hits…


Wizard 5 / Rogue 2


Completed Level 1 of the Temple. Got squished in level 2.I decided to leave the series at an end at that point as it will likely just be a string of deaths.


Castle Ravenloft Board Game

  • Completed The Final Transformation solo with the cleric – I had been thinking that one would be impossible to solo due to having to escort the NPC.



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Erdrique left a comment on Taking a look at Update 25 Reign Of Elemental Evil Loot


That quarterstaff looks extremely nice for a Thief Acrobat!!




CariMac Sent us a tweet!

Great episode (27). I especially enjoyed the Ravenloft story from Drac.


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