DDO Players News Episode 33 – Great Old One Equals Cthulhu?



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This week we chat about the information we know about the Warlock. We also covered what the Players council has been up to. Drac took on the Temple with Bonnie Bew and Mooseypants and lives (sorta of) to tell the tale. Outside of DDO, Drac get’s to say “I Told You So” about a new PDF release, And we have an update on the Battlebards Kickstarter.




Game News


2015 DDO Players Council Update

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 142

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DDO Players News

DDO Players Poll What is your favorite patron to get favor with?



Coin Lords favor is an absolute must for any TR!



Coin Lords, because I’m a hoarder.


5000 Turbine Point Code Giveaway

DDO Players Screen Shot Of The Week #20


News Beyond DDO

D&D 3.5 Dungeon Master’s Guide Now In PDF

An Update On The Battlebards Kickstarter

Fantasy Grounds Adds Hoard Of The Dragon Queen

Out Of The Abyss Pre Orders Available Now


Week in DDO


Drac Week

Rogue Lvl 13

Temple Of Elemental Evil Parts 1 and 2 (With Bonnie Bew and Mooseypats) All the deaths.. All The Arrows.. *On Heroic Elite* We finished (lots of rez cakes! and Heal pots!) No weapon drops (of course) I did get a nice Longbow as end reward, I’ll pass on to my Ranger though. Was tons of fun.. Those Archers Though.. The most amount of fun I’ve had playing DDO for ever! Thanks for inviting me girls!


Ranger/Rogue LVL 12

Finished up Litany Of The Dead Part 2 With The Shadow Crypt (With Pineleaf)

That was on long crazy dungeon. Took a bit to figure out the color lock things. Once we got that it was not bad. Upgraded to the Silver Flame Pendant Necklace. Probably not going to do Part to upgrade again any time soon at least


Pineleaf Week

Artificer Level 12

Finished up Litany Of The Dead Part 2 With The Shadow Crypt (With Draculetta)


Druid Level 3 (PD)


  • The Smuggler’s Warehouse (Normal)
  • Garrison’s Missing Pack (Hard)
  • Durk’s Got a Secret (Hard)


Temple Board Game


  • Adventure 2: The Cult of the Howling Hatred
  • Adventure 3: Rotten in Red Larch



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Erdrique Writes Us This Week


Hey Draculetta and Pineleaf!!  Haven’t dropped you an email in a little while and didn’t want you guys to think I forgot about ya :).  I couldn’t help but smile when you guys were going over your run in the Shadow King in your last podcast.  I remember when the Shadow King came out.  During that time we still lost experience when we died.  My guildie convinced me to try it on elite and let’s just say, after all of the death penalties, I actually completed the quest with a net experience loss, lol.  Our party got decimated by the respawning shadows, umbral worgs, wraiths, specters, and umbral gargoyles.  It also took as a little while to figure out about the illusionary walls.  Which reminds me, when you get to the Shadow Crypt, keep an eye out for the banner.  That is all I’m going to say about that.

Draculetta, in reference to Gianthold, that area is extremely fun.  The Gianthold map is basically divided into three zones: Stormfist Brigade, Stormheart Brigade, and Stormeye Brigade.  There are three “primary quests” in the Gianthold that you need to complete to flag for Gianthold Tor.  Besides the three flagging quests, there are two more “walk up” quests in each zone (for a total of six extra quests).  The walk-ups will automatically be bestowed on you when you approach them, like in the Desert.  In any case, have fun out there..each of those quests contain some interesting traps :).

Later, Erdrique.


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