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Not a lot of game news this week, we did talk about the Warlock preview video, We had a discussion over the thread where Severlin was asking for feedback on cosmetics. We did have a ton of Dungeons And Dragons 5E news! And a update on Sword Coast Legends!




Game News

Update 26: Warlock’s Legacy Video Preview

Armor, Helms, and Weapons: What would you like to see tweaked for new items?            The DDO Chronicle: Issue 145
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DDO Players News

Poll: What Pact Do You Plan To Use With Your Warlock?

5000 Turbine Point Code Giveaway Winner


News Beyond DDO


Dungeons And Dragons 5E Wins At Origins Awards

Into the Dragon’s Maw A New Goodman Games Adventure For 5E

The Rise of Tiamat Comes To Fantasy Grounds

Sword Coast Legends Now Available For Pre Order Via Steam

The Wizards D&D Team Heads To The Temple Of Elemental Evil


Week in DDO


Drac Week

Rogue 14

Invaders (Hard Mode)

Temple Of Elemental Evil Part One (Hard Mode) Of course, no Weapon Drops


Ranger/Rogue 13 (With Pineleaf)


  • Lordmarch Plaza


o   Diplomatic Immunity – Boss Fight Was Tough (managed to squeak by)

o   Frame Work – Kudo’s To The Dev That Wrote This Quest – killing minotaurs and Wand of Rock Solid evidence


  • Refuge in the Storm – jumping off a moving airship



Pineleaf Week

On Artificer 13 with Drac


  • Lordmarch Plaza


o   Diplomatic Immunity – Tough boss fight

o   Frame Work – Humor: killing minotaurs and Wand of Rock Solid evidence


  • Refuge in the Storm – jumping off a moving airship


Fighter (Warforged PD) 3

Decided to get a cleric for some healing, despite being a warforged.


  • Harbor (Level 3)


o   Protect Baudry’s Interests (Tough on a fighter with no hirelings)

o   Stop Hazadill’s Shipment

o   Retrieve the Stolen Goods (Hard) – and it was hard (barely survived)


  • The Cerulean Hills (Level 3) – At this point started using a cleric for some healing


o   Where there’s Smoke… (First time I ever rescued all three dogs)

o   The small cave with orcs (first time I found this)

o   The Captives


  • The Steam Tunnels


o   The Sacred Helm (reached level 4)


  • Harbor (Level 4)


o   Harbor Guard (I used the helm to give me an insane Intimidate score)


  • The Sharn Syndicate


o   Stand Your Ground! (I think I finally found out why I do worse when playing with healing types – while I have yet to successfully heal as a cleric, I have managed to get hirelings to heal the NPCs and thus help them to survive).

o   Dirty Laundry

o   The Stormreach Fresco

o   The Bookbinder Rescue (two tries to complete)

o   Repossession

o   Come out and Slay (decided to befriend Benny the Hand)

Warlock on test server


  • Korthos Island
  • Redemption
  • Necromancer’s Doom
  • Stopping the Sahuagin
  • Sacrifices




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