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Sparse game news yet again, we talked about the Steam Summer Sale and all the DDO Offerings you can find within. Thanks to a post over at DDO Gamer, we talked about how the DDO Community is growing by leaps and bounds. Outside of DDO we talk DnD 5E Errata, Wil Wheaton Launches Titans Grave and Sword Coast Legends get’s a release date.




Game News

Steam Summer Sale Includes DDO

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 146

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week June 12th – June 18th

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  • Epic Destinies
  • Tomes of Fate
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DDO Players News

Poll : Do You Use Cosmetics In DDO?


Geoff Hanna (From DDO Gamer)


All of the above. I care how my characters look



I use em all, happily.

I want more options to happily use, in fact.




Aside from the Spider Cult mask, I haven’t really gotten into cosmetic headgear – yet – but all the rest, oh yes! Even my bank toon has a glamered weapon, dyed hair, and purchased hairstyle.


Dominic Duval

use hair dyes as I get them. It looks very goofy sometimes. But I would’nt pay for this option though… and I hate my party hat.




I have found that elven females (drow or regular) look good in everything–or rather, make anything look good.

If only I could do that in RL with my clothes.




Definitely all of the above. I love the Spunky Bun hairstyle on all of my female characters. Most of the armors are hit or miss, but some are clear winners…especially the monk’s outfit that looks like it’s warping space around it (can’t remember what it’s called).


The only issue I have with cosmetics is the no preview on hairstyles/dyes, along with them not working properly on Iconics.


All in all though, I would like to see more and think it’s a great use of the DDO Store.




Heck, yeah! I even have a ritual to it. I won’t buy anything for a character until they reach level 10 or so and only if I’m REALLY digging their appeal. Then they go shopping. Ninjas get their masks, archers get their robes. I just found the Mirror of Glamering and applied an outfit look (the one with the fan around the head) to my Zen Archers. I tend to recycle outfits now that they’re not bound to any one outfit. So looks are important to me as adds to the role-play and excitement. All of my characters are female although I’m not…but I think their need to accessorize rubbed off on me.


Reminds me of a “Wizard of Oz” meme: Two women in a heated fight over a pair of shoes. The hordes of Shavarath will NOT stop me from maximizing my fashion sense!


DDOGamer: DDO Is In So Many Places I Can’t Find Them All


News Beyond DDO

D&D 5E Player’s Handbook Official Errata

Wil Wheaton Launches His New Titansgrave Show

Sword Coast Legends Released Date Confirmed


Week in DDO


Drac Week

Rogue Lvl 14

Temple Part 1 (no drops)

Ranger/Rogue Lvl 13 (with Pineleaf)

  • Lordmarch Plaza

o   Eyes of Stone

o   Undermine Crazy, Crazy Mines…


Pineleaf Week

On Artificer 13 (with Drac)

  • Lordmarch Plaza

o   Eyes of Stone

o   Undermine (Kaboom the Kobold and a minefield)

  • Archer Point Defense attempt. At epic. Sigh – two minutes of blindness?


Fighter (Warforged) 4-5

Decided to get a cleric for some healing, though the utility is reduced with a warforged.

  • The Steam Tunnels

o   Blockade

o   Caverns of Shaagh

o   The Halls of Shan-to-Kor (my *fighter* managed to find the secret doors to bypass the arrow target to lower a bridge).



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  1. Teslas Ghost /

    Great episode!!! I’m looking forward to Sword Coast! Looks to be a great game.

  2. Caren /

    I can’t believe you went through the Undermine minefield by disabling the traps! That must have taken forever! There’s a route you can run on ledges to avoid them.

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