DDO Players News Episode 46 Airships Made Of Beds And Bookcases



 We talk about update 27 patch 1 release notes, We also speculate on when the level cap raise comes, if there will be a expansion pack with it. Pineleaf has questions about “Reaper Mode” In non game news, we talk about the Humble Bundle DnD Comic Book Bundle

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Game News

Update 27 Patch 1 Release Notes

More Lessah DDO Challenge Tutorial

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 154


Store Sales

Free Sample of The Week August 14th – 20th

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20 % OFF

  • Astral Shards
  • Guild Renown Elixirs


50 % Off

  • Guild Charter
  • Guild Airship Beacon


DDO Players News

DDO Players Screen Shot Of The Week #29

Flipping the Hourglass

Level 30 Expanded


News Beyond DDO

New Issue Of Dragon + Ready For Download

Humble Bundle Dungeons And Dragons Comics Bundle

Week in DDO


Drac Week

Warlock (Reached Lvl 8) Hit 300 Favor


  • Irestone Inlet (On Elite)

Need to look at gear, a witch doctor took me out in 1 hit, not sure what he cast


Three Barrel Cove

  • Guard Duty (On Elite)

Garl’s Tomb (On Elite) (Quest Chain)

  • The Troglodyte’s Get


Rogue LVL 14


  • ATTEMPTED  Flesh Maker’s Laboratory
  • Got to the end, and found out I can’t do solo (with hires) I’ll have to use the LFG or get a group of of people – Damsels and Bonnie Bew I’m looking at you…


Ranger/Rogue LVL 14 (With Pineleaf)


Pineleaf Week

Artificer 14 (with Drac)



  • The Prison of the Planes (some time to find an orb and figure out how to win)


Warlock (PD) – Level 3-4

Cerulean Hills

  • Where There’s Smoke
  • The Captives


  • Refugee Toll
  • An Explosive Situation


  • The Kobolds’ Den: Clan Gnashtooth (gained xp for level 4)
  • The Kobolds’ Den: Rescuing Arlos (leveled after this adventure)
  • Venn’s Trail: Clan Tunnelworm
  • Venn’s Trail: Venn’s Fate

Sharn Syndicate

  • Stand Your Ground
  • Dirty Laundry


  • Missing in Action

Back in the Harbor

  • The Miller’s Debt
  • Bringing the Light (a repeat from last week just for some quick but small amount of xp)



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Featured Comments

DDOCentral left a comment on Flipping The Hourglass

We will see how the upcoming Reaper mode changes the game, probably in 2016. Game play might start to resemble the early days of DDO again.



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