Sword Coast Legends Early Access Starting Soon


If you find yourself at PAX This weekend you will have the first opportunity to play around in Sword Coast Legends on the show floor.

For those of us, that can’t attend the convention, our wait is not long.

“We at n-Space have always intended for our pre-order customers to have a chance to try out the game prior to its September 29th release,”

said Dan Tudge, President of n-Space and Director for Sword Coast Legends.

“To that end, we are announcing the details of Sword Coast Legends’ Head Start access program.”

Head Start will have three planned sessions.

The first is scheduled for the weekend of September 11th through 13th and will be available only to members of the Design Council – those that pre-ordered one of the Limited Edition Collector’s or Campaign Collector’s packs.

The second will run September 18th through 20th, and will be open to all pre-order customers. These first two sessions will focus on the Dungeon Master modes of Campaign Creation and Dungeon Crawl. In order to avoid spoilers, the Story Campaign will not be available at this time. The third session will run September 24th through the game’s release on September 29th and will once again feature the Dungeon Master modes for all pre-order customers while Design Council members will also have access to the Story Campaign. PC, Mac and Linux cross-platform play will be supported.

In each of these sessions, players will mingle with n-Space, Digital Extremes and Wizards of the Coast team members.

To be included in the Head Start program, players must have linked their game purchase to an account on SwordCoast.com. Access details will be sent to the associated email account starting the week of September 11th.

“The Sword Coast Legends team welcomes your feedback! Feel free to share your experiences via your favorite forums, blogs and social media channels.”


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