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This week we are joined by EvenNote. Update 28 The Devil’s Gambit Is live on Lamannia, We cover the release notes, Tempest Ranger proposed changes, And the new monster manual. EvenNote talks about her Cosmetic Pet Collection (Addiction) 🙂 and OurDDO and Her Blog – Even Now. Outside of DDO, we have alot of Drizzt talk.


Game News

Update 28: The Devil’s Gambit Lamannia Release Notes Updated 9-21-16

Update 28 The Devil’s Gambit Preview Video

Ranger: Tempest Changes

Monster Manual 6

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 159

Store Sales

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DDO Players News

The Stormreach Campaign Giveaway



OurDDO – ourddo.x10.mx

Even Now – ddoeven.wordpress.com


News Beyond DDO

Wizards of the Coast Community Forums to be Shut Down

New Video Explorers Drizzt Role In Rage Of Demons

Amazon Books Interview with Bestselling Fantasy Author R. A. Salvatore


Week in DDO


Drac Week

Rogue LVL 16 (reached) Hit 900 Favor

Finally Looted Sapphire Sting Longbow (Temple) for my ranger Thanks Bonnie!


The Twelve

  • Acid Wit (On Hard)
  • The Lord Of Stone

Orchard of the Macabre (On Elite) (With Bonnie And SweetyNoche)

  • Desecrated Temple of Vol
  • Flesh Maker’s Laboratory
  • Ghosts of Perdition
  • Inferno of the Damned


Trials of the Archons (On Elite With Bonnie And SweetyNoche)

  • The Archons’ Trial
  • Demon Assault
  • The Devil’s Details (One Word –  Abishai)

Ranger 15 With Pineleaf

Wheloon Prison

  • A Lesson in Deception
  • Tried to next to the next quest but we died just before reaching the entrance.


Sword Coast Legends Headstart.

Mainly Dungeon Crawls (Random Dungeons With Random People) (Loot System Need WORK, like LOTS OF WORK)

Played With DM Mode A Bit, Mainly just creation (Did not DM An LIVE Dungeon, Just Creation tools)


Pineleaf Week

On Artificer 15 with Drac

Wheloon Prison

  • A Lesson in Deception
  • Tried to next to the next quest but we died just before reaching the entrance.

Paladin (PD) – Level 4

The Sharn Syndicate

  • Stand Your Ground
  • Dirty Laundry
  • Stormreaver Fresco
  • Repossession
  • The Bookbinder Rescue
    • First attempt had one killed because I slipped on an oil trap – that is evil
    • Second attempt was successful
  • Come out and Slay


Even Note Week

  • Static group started Estar chain
  • Got my F2P alt’s guild up to 20
  • Lots of XP farming on ranger, rogue, and pally – will be next ones to TR
  • Finished flagging all level-appropriate toons for Shroud



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Featured Comments


DDO Player News Episode 50 Strahd’s Tears



Wow, the ES mailbox is my happy place. They got rid of the creepy birds and brought back the friendly ones.


Mok Taskmaster

This was a great episode. I was sorry to not be there for the first 30 or so minutes. Great to have all the talk between everyone, and of course making fun of Drac that his in-game RNG hates him at the same time his real-life dice do as well.

Keep it up guys (and gals sometimes) – I’ll keep tuning in…..



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One comment

  1. Bonnie Bew /

    My fingers are crossed that all your hireling dreams come true this week!

    I think Drac was Lvl 15 when we did level 16/17 quests in Necro 4, so he was doomed, kinda like 5e Strahd.

    I’ll totally compromise on Shroud flagging and we’ll do them on hard!

    The Eveningstar birds are always creepy!

    P.S. I spit coffee when the ‘Hallelujahs’ kicked in about the 1st person bug fix. LOL

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