Lamannia Release Notes (Last Updated 9-30-15)


The Current Release Notes are up  for the new build that is on Lamannia.



*NOTE* All of this is subject to change!

Of Special Note:

The Night Revels!

The Night Revels is a new seasonal event in Dungeons & Dragons Online. Begin your festivities in Delera’s Graveyard when the event is active! Defeat monsters in Delera’s Graveyard to collect either Darkest Chocolate or a special key that will allow you to access one of the four Night Revels-themed dungeons! Complete the dungeons to collect quest-specific ingredients that, combined with the Darkest Chocolate you get from defeating monsters in the Graveyard, can be used to acquire new Night Revels items!

News and Notes:


  • Fixed an issue that could cause animation “popping” when wielding two weapons.


  • Ranger Tempest enhancements now have their proper level requirements.
  • Ranger Deepwood Stalker’s Improved Weapon Finesse now works for thrown weapons.


  • The Devil’s Handiwork set description now correctly states that it is granted when wearing five items, rather than six.
  • Golem’s Heart has had its 2% chance to proc returned, and its description updated to match its functionality.
  • Glamered Weapon Auras now work properly on the Staff of the Petitioner, Dreamspitter, and Copper Ingot Arcanum,
  • The Traveler’s Terrific Trunk is no longer an ingredient.

Monster Manual

  • Hellhound Monster Manual deeds no longer say they require Dragon kills to complete.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Some monster damage and monster ability DC’s have been scaled down in the Temple of Elemental Evil.
  • Fortis will no longer mistakenly go back into his protective bubble in the quest Tavern Brawl.


  • Doubleshot, Spell Critical Chance, and Spell Critical Multiplier now properly update on the Character Sheet without needing to be closed and re-opened.


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