Fridays at Four – The Night Revels Preview w/DDO Players Council


During his “Fridays At Four” live stream Cordovan along with a few members of the Players Council gave us a preview of the upcoming “Night Revels” event.


He of course also took questions from the chat. here are some of the things that were discussed.


  • There are not giving a date as of yet for when the Night Revels will be on live. But Cordovan did say “Will be weekend of Halloween, a little before and a little after”
  • Right now the max level is at 30, but when the event goes to live it will be 33
  • They “dungeons” are set up like challenge XP. You will get more the first time you run it.
  • Speaking of XP, it will be reduced when the even goes to live, right now it’s handing out way to much XP
  • There are different versions of the graveyard, you can either do scaled to your level, or you can chose to do a shared version, (Which is similar to how the cove works)
  • Mobs will drop keys in the graveyard, as a last result you can buy keys in the store
  • All the items from the event (Other than the cosmetics/augments) will disappear after 2015, but they will come back during next year. Same goes for ingredients.

Cordovan stated

“This is a deliberate different event than Mabar. Mabar was a high grind event, for powerful end loot. This is a deliberately opposite. It’s mean to run for a shorter period of time, a few hours. Get a couple pieces of fun loot.”

  • They may consider adding Mabar loot to the event. Right now (For this years event) the answer is NO. As the Mabar loot is in the Mimic hunt. They would have to redo the drop tables for Mimic before they could bring it back, if they added it to this. It’s something they “might” do.
  • They have the option to add more dungeons to future events
  • They will have another preview before it goes live
  • The Night Revels event will be a part of Update 28 Patch 1. Which is “tentative” scheduled for This week, Wednesday or Thursday” (But that is still up in the air, more info coming) It will have the underlying tech to allow them to “turn on” the event. It will also have the underlying tech for the new DDO Store. Which they hope to have live in a couple of weeks. Arcane Archer will most likely be in the Update 29.
  • They might add the option to buy keys with chocolate as well
  • Datacenter move might be in around or after mid November (Don’t quote Cordovan on that!)


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