DDO Players News Episode 53 The Devil’s RNG


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This week we are joined by Steiner-Davion. We spend some time talking about the new Night Revels event that was on lammania this past weekend. We also announce that we are giving away a 1 year VIP code. Outside of DDO we talk about all the Sword Coast Adventures Previews that were released this past weekend, from WOTC Extra Life Event. And Vin Diesel Last Witch Hunter character is based of his years of playing DnD


Game News

Update 28 Patch 1 (The Night Revels) is now available on Lamannia (Lamannia now CLOSED)
Lamannia Release Notes (Last Updated 9-30-15)
The Night Revels Item List (As of now)
Fridays at Four – The Night Revels Preview w/DDO Players Council
The DDO Chronicle: Issue 161

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week October 2nd – 8th
Petal Pink Hair Dye Use Coupon Code PNKDY 1/Account

30 % OFF
Stat Tomes
Skill & UMD Tomes
Tomes of Learning
Select Tomes of Fate
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DDO Players News

1 Year VIP Code Giveaway
The StormReach Campaign Giveaway Winner Is….
DDO Players Screen Shot Of The Week #34 (last Weeks)
DDO Players Screen Shot Of The Week #35


News Beyond DDO

Sword Coast Adventure’s Guide Previews For Extra Life
Sword Coast Adventure’s Guide Table Of Contents WOTC Extra Life Goal Reached
Final Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide Previews
Fantasy Grounds Moving Towards 3D
Vin Diesel Talks Dungeons And Dragons And The Last Witch Hunter

Week in DDO

Drac Week

Rogue Lvl 18
Devil’s Gambit Bracers Dropped.. Of course, the one thing I DID NOT WANT…

Shadar-kai Lvl 16 (Reached) Hit 200 Favor
Devil’s Gambit (Locked And Loaded Dropped)

Ranger/Rogue (Reached 16) With Pineleaf
Devil’s Gambit No Drops

Pineleaf Week

On Artificer 15-6 (with Drac)
Devil’s Gambit
Tavern Brawl
Multitude of Menace
Grim and Barett
Learned to create Thieves Tools
Sorcerer (PD) – Level 1-3
Korthos Village
The Grotto
Heyton’s Rest
The Storehouse’s Secret
The Cannith Crystal
The Collaborator (the chest in the bar dropped 250 Omnispell Dust)

Korthos Island
Necromancer’s Doom (wondered why it was so tough – accidentally ran at elite)
Stopping the Sahuagin
Misery’s Peak


Devil’s Gambit on Swashbuckler+


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Erdrique Writes In

Hey Draculetta and Pineleaf!! How are you guys doing? It’s been a little while since your “stalker” sent you guys an email so i wanted to take a second to send you guys a quick note. I couldn’t help but smile when you guys were talking about running through Wheloon Prison. I too have found that explorer area very frustrating at times to move my way through. Although I do like an explorer zone being through a hostile village. Gives you a different perspective instead of exploring various forms of forested areas. In any case, I wish you guys luck out there. I’ll be taking Erdrique through their soon as these are some of the next set of quests he needs to do on elite.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next episode!! Erd


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