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Issue #4 of Dragon + is rolling out now. You should have gotten a reminder for it, but if not it’s there waiting for you..

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Here is the break down of this new issue

  • Editor’s Letter from Matt Chapman “Matt Chapman gets tearfully nostalgic for old D&D videogames, overly excited for new D&D videogames, and a little bit scared by a newcomer known as Belaphoss, Devourer of Hope and Dread General of the Gibbering Hords. Gulp.”

    Discovering the Gold Box“As Goog Old Games dusts off thirteen classic D&D titles, the original staff who worked on them and the videogame designers and producers they inspired share their favorite memories.”

    Winning Races: Duergar “An in-depth look at these dark reflections of the more traditional Forgotten Realms dwarves.”

    Travel Talk“Things get a little crazy when our intrepid reporter Melissande Calador dares to descend into the Underdark.”

    Imagining the Ampersand “Lars Larsen, design engineer at LZX Industries, on creating a high-tech interpretation of the Dungeons & Dragons Ampersand.”

    Neverwinter Strongholds – “John Hopler, senior content designer at Cryptic Studios, shares the secrets to a successful PVP siege campaign in the free-to-play MMORPG.”

    Demononicon of Iggwilv: Belaphoss “Everything you ever wanted to know about Sword Coast Legends’ main baddie Belpahoss but were too petrified to ask.”

    Fiction: The Thweem“A peace-loving Underdark inhabitant gets a brush with madness in D&D writer Adam Lee’s short story.”

    Interview: Jay Turner“The narrative director of Sword Coast Legends offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the CRPG.”

    Video & Audio Highlights “Canadian rocker Matthew Good talks about his love of the world of Greyhawk and charity fundraising scores a critical hit with Extra Life 2015.”

    Beyond the Board: Dice Masters “Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters draws upon classic D&D elements to bring a fantasy touch to this dice building game.”

    Gauntlet Gophers“Tavis Maiden’s exclusive comic strip for DRAGON+ proves there are all kinds of crazy in the Underdark.”

    D&D Adventurers League“Download the official D&D Adventurer’s League module Shackles of Blood and investigate a string of disappearances in the Hillsfar region.”



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I must say that I really enjoyed reading the Gold Box article and always appreciate getting the Modules that we can download and run!


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