Sword Coast Adventures Spoilers!


Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide hits preferred stores today, and everywhere else in a couple of weeks.

It looks like a few stores might have decided to jump that date a bit. A poster over at the D&D SubReddit has it in his hands,and is sharing some information for all of us.

Before you go any further, I’ll give the standard warning here…



  • Races:
    Gray Dwaves (Duergar)
    Ghostwise Halflings
    Deep Gnomes (Svirfneblin) — also provides a new feat “Svirfneblin Magic”
    Half-Elf Variants
    Tiefling Variants
  • Classes (only new class options, not new classes):
    Barbarian – Path of the Battlerager, new Totem Spirits
    Bard – New musical instruments
    Cleric – Arcana Domain
    Fighter – Purple Dragon Knight
    Monk – Way of the Long Death, Way of the Sun Soul
    Paladin – Oath of the Crown
    Ranger – Several paragraphs that amount to nothing
    Rogue – Mastermind, Swashbuckler
    Sorcerer – Storm Sorcery
    Warlock – The Undying
    Wizard – Bladesinging
  • New cantrips for sorcerers, warlocks, and wizards
    Booming blade, green-flame blade, lightning lure, sword burst.
  • Backgrounds:
    City Watch
    Clan Crafter
    Cloistered Scholar
    Faction Agent
    Far Traveler
    Knight of the Order
    Mercenary Veteran
    Urban Bounty Hunter
    Uthgardt Tribe Member
    Waterdhavian Noble


This only covers about 50 pages of the almost 160 page book. There’s a TON of info on the Sword Coast itself. I’m sure DMs who already have the book are salivating at the moment.


I for one can’t wait to get my copy when it’s ships (Nov 3rd)



  1. NOTHING for rangers?! Forever filmed…

  2. Will purchasing this book spoil anything for players about to embark upon Princes of the Apocalypse?

    • Draculetta /

      Not really. The sections on the Underdark would be a light spoiler for Out Of The Abyss storyline.. but Nothing really in this is about Princes.. So your safe.

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