GOG Offers Up More Gold Box Games


It’s time to dig out your THACO conversion charts. The fine folks over at GOG are giving us more classic D&D Goodness.


6f88d05a85f1dbab5cc9664ee9f2447ba124b8165224825d18f7534146b41c39_340 (Small)  Buy Krynn Here  $9.99

 Return to the first fantasy role-playing epic set in the legendary Dragonlance game world of Krynn. This immortal pack includes Champions of Krynn, Death Knights of Krynn and The Dark Queen of Krynn.

  • Assemble a party of fearsome warriors, wise clerics and nimble thieves, and take them with you throughout your three adventures
  • Guide your party through a dark web of intrigue and combat, where dragons, draconians and other unspeakable terrors dwell
  • Only great wit and valor will defeat the Dark Queen’s minions



1532fdd3c72a7baec22659a49c13e3d950df834acd97b06e41b823f8f6515467_340 (Small)  Buy Ravenloft Here  $9.99

Step into a world of gothic and Egyptian horror and adventure, set in the campaign setting of Ravenloft. This pack of entrancing horrors includes Ravenloft: Strahd’s Possession and its sequel, Ravenloft: Stone Prophet

  • Enjoy the lore and depth of a Dungeons & Dragons adventure in a gothic and Egyptian setting
  • Assemble your party and make your way across terrain and through dungeons, using weaponry, magic, brains and brawn
  • Fight a wide array of horrific creatures and rid Barovia and Har’Akir of the evil manifestations


48b59954c782fdc4f7b0e826151f6fa39d3ea7324bd9b6dafaf4424438d270cf_340 (Small) Buy Darksun Here $9.99

Unleash your imagination into a vast, savage world, sun-scorched and wind-scraped. This series contains the radiant classics, Dark Sun: Shattered Lands, and Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager.

  • Recruit champions of Athas to your cause from various races and classes, including Gladiators, Psionicists and Rangers
  • Level and customise your party as you traverse the sands of Athas and engage with its denizens
  • Delve into ancient mysteries and engaging plots on completing your two quests



They had me at Ravenloft





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