The Ghostbusters Board Game Is Now Available From Cryptozoic


Who you going call? Your local game store to see if they have a copy in stock I hope!

Your FLGS should have it in stock, and amazon has it now as well! So either way, you are going to be busting some ghosts!


The retail version of the game comes with:
* 48 custom mini figures:
– The four Ghostbusters character figures (Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore and Ray Stantz)
– 3 boss figures (Slimer, Idulnas and 100mm Stay Puft Marshmallow Man)
– The Ecto-1 ambulance
– 20 Galloping Ghouls
– 12 Gruesome Twosomes
– 8 Boogaloo Manifestations
* 10 double-sided map tiles
* 6 dice (including red D-8 and custom D-6 with gate symbols)
* 43 tokens
* 4 player cards
* 6 ghost cards
* 12 unique scenarios


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