Do You Have Questions For Executive Producer Severlin




DDO Players is excited to announce that we will have the opportunity to set down with Executive Producer Severlin (Via Skype)  on Friday afternoon for a short interview!

We would like to know if there are any questions that you would like us to ask him. We can’t guarantee that we will get to ask all of them, or even if he can/will answer them. But we will try!

So if you have a burning question you would like answered, leave a comment and we will try and ask!

We will be releasing this as special on our Podcast/YouTube Feeds.



  1. Ask Severlin if there will ever be another paid expansion for DDO. If they are not planning one, is this due to the cost, lack of interest in the community, or some other reason?

  2. Also ask Severlin about player housing in DDO. LOTRO has a good housing system, so part of the design work and tech needed can be shared with DDO to make it happen.

  3. So many questions. But which ones would he answer 🙂

    When we joined the 2014 Player Council, part of the application process involved pulling together a design spec for an extra tab to the Adventure Compendium specifically to track Saga’s. While on the PC we shared our designs with one another and there was a significant amount of consistency in our thoughts. So “Great mind think alike and fools seldom differ” … you can decide which applies.

    But what happened to that work that was done? I’d like to see new saga’s (and the Stormreach Campaign website has suggestions for those) but I’d like to see a way to properly track them. It’s one of the things that would add a bit of polish to existing systems which helps counter the accusation of systems being half-implemented or half-finished.

    Rather than asking “will we ever” where the answer is a generic “never say never”, are new sagas or a saga overview tab currently planned for the next 12 months?

  4. How does being an Executive Producer for DDO compare to other games?

  5. And not a question, but just to raise a glass to Severlin – his open approach to providing answers without wrapping every reply in marketing-drivel was a refreshing change at the time and still greatly appreciated now. Sure you run the risk of the rules-lawyers on the forums nit-picking over every word in a reply like they tried with the discussion on raise dead and targeting soul stones, but most of us are mature enough to deal with that. Plain talking wins every time.

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