Is Ravenloft Coming To 5E?


Gamehole Con III was held a few weeks ago. Everyone’s favorite Dungeon Master Chris Perkins held a seminar where he talked about a lot of things.

They fine folks over at the Gaming and BS Podcast recorded it.

The part I found most interesting is when he was asked about Future Story lines

I can’t talk about specific story lines that we’re working on presently, and at this time we’re working on four. We’ve got two stories to tell next year, and then we’ve got two more stories in fairly developed states, and we don’t even know necessarily when they’re going to appear yet.

This is seems like total PR Speak at this point right? But wait.


On the next story line — That’s a tough one to answer. To a certain extent, obtusely, I’ve already answered it with the three things I called attention to. Once could speculate based on what I’ve told you what might happen…. we do have an upcoming story that does go back to a past adventure… doesn’t feature dragons, so it won’t be anything from the Dragonlance saga… I think it’s safe to say if you look at the things we haven’t played with yet which are fairly intrinsic to D&D


At this point he asks the audience to suggest D&D monsters, someone shouts out “Vampire”

The vampire has been around in D&D, it’s not a unique D&D monster by any stretch, but we would be remiss if we didn’t do something with vampires at some point. I can almost assure you that we will get around to doing that. Certainly gothic … and Victorian, and that sort of feel.. the question is all about timing. When is the time to do it? When is it going to surprise and delight the most people?

Ravenloft anyone? He goes on to say

That’s another thing about our stories, is that we don’t want to be predictable. In fact, we’ve even changed out release plans so we don’t even tell people. Five years ago, Wizards would tell people a year in advance what products we were releasing. Now we don’t do it until literally months before it comes out. Part of that is simply Shock and Awe. And because we’ve evaluated how long we can keep peoples’ excitement. Turns out we can’t keep folks excited for a year. There are too many other distractions in the world today. Too many entertainment properties competing for peoples’ attention. 3, 4 months, perfect window. People can remember and stay excited for 3-4 months about something.

So, yeah, vampire, classic monster, yeah, we’ll do a story with vampires.


Someone shouts out “Giants”

Yeah, we’ll do a story with giants.

So, with that I am seeing Ravenloft and Against The Giants in our futures for 5E




  1. FuzzyDuck81 /

    Given that DDO tends to have at least some link in with the ongoing D&D storylines plus Severlin’s comments in the Q&A about Halloween for the next classic module adaptation & it being appropriate for that, I think this could potentially add a little weight to the Ravenloft as a contender for that

    • Draculetta /

      I agree with you 100 % On this.

      I was leaning towards the next being “Tomb Of Horrors” but after hearing what Chris Prekins said, it’s looking more and more like Ravenloft!

  2. Great summary. Thanks for the shout out!


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