Lamannia Release Notes (Last Updated 12-4-15)


Update 29 round 2 on Lamannia means new release notes!

Cordovan posted them on the forums.
here are some highlights


  • Legendary Tempest Spine and Legendary Hound of Xoriat are now available for preview.

    Legendary Shroud and Legendary Green Steel are available to preview! Legendary Shroud can be found in Meridia, and Legendary Green Steel Altars can be found in either The Shroud or from a new Augment section of the Character Inventory UI.

    A new randomly-generated loot system is now available! Check out chests throughout our dungeons, and give us your feedback.


Drac says – I know that a lot of people have been waiting for the Legendary raids


Epic Levels

  • Epic levels now grant +6 Universal Spell Power and a 1% Spell Point cost reduction.
  • The Epic level experience required to attain levels 21-30 has been adjusted to flatten the curve required to achieve level 30. To reach level 30, a character must earn 8.25 million experience.
    • NOTE: Existing characters will not lose experience nor levels. However, characters will need to reach the new level thresholds in order to level, similar to a process done when we raised the level cap from 18 to 20. The experience table is now:
      • Level 20: 0 Epic Destiny Experience
      • Level 21: 600,000 XP
      • Level 22: 1,250,000 XP
      • Level 23: 1,950,000 XP
      • Level 24: 2,700,000 XP
      • Level 25: 3,500,000 XP
      • Level 26: 4,350,000 XP
      • Level 27: 5,250,000 XP
      • Level 28: 6,200,000 XP
      • Level 29: 7,200,000 XP
      • Level 30: 8,250,000 XP



  • NEW: New randomly-generated loot system is now available! Click here for more information.
  • NEW: Legendary Green Steel is now available for preview! Legendary Green Steel is a crafting system by which players can collect various ingredients and craft numerous kinds of weapons and items. “Blank” Green Steel weapons and equipment are made which are then slotted with up to four Green Steel Augments. There are Tier 1,2,3 and Active augment slots available. Additionally, players do not need to apply augments of a lower tier to their items in order to apply a higher-tier augment.
    • LAMANNIA NOTE: Legendary Green Steel weapons and equipment blanks can be made without significant issue. Non-weapon augments are not currently functioning. Additionally, crafting costs have not yet been finalized.
  • NEW: The Traveler’s Terrific Trunk now provides 5 Major Slayer Count Boosts and 5 Sovereign I Learning Boosts. This applies to new and existing Trunks.
  • Legendary Raid Timer Bypasses are now available in Daily Dice and the Lamannia DDO Store, and can be used to bypass the timer for Legendary Raids (CR31+).
  • Several Heroic Greensteel effects have been renamed to properly reflect their existing bonus types and functions, such as Healing Amplification. The effects themselves remain unchanged.
  • Cosmetic helmets no longer cause elf ears to not display properly.
  • The Mortal Fear effect that does 50% hit point damage will not function in Legendary (CR31+) quests or raids.
  • NEW: Updated text in many places to clarify that certain things that claimed to be bonuses to Universal Spell power were in fact bonuses to each individual (non-Universal) Spell Power. This is to reduce confusion; Universal Spell power is a separate statistic, and bonuses to Universal Spell Power do stack with similar bonuses to individual spell powers.



  • NEW: Flagging for Iconic True Reincarnation and Epic Reincarnation now requires Level 30.


  • NEW: Fixed an issue that could cause the game client to crash when returning to Character Select or exiting the game.
  • NEW: The new DDO Store window no longer causes mouselook to become nonfunctional.
  • NEW: The Adventure Compendium now shows quests up to three levels above the viewing character, rather than two.


Be sure to head over and read the full notes.


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