DDO Players News Episode 67 Pineleaf, King Of Korthos



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On this week’s show – The 10th Anniversary is coming, and you can help out with a thing? And Drac dubs Pineleaf the King Of Korthos?



Game News

DDO’s 10-Year Celebration: Help us do a thing!

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 173


Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week January 8th – 14th

Long Lasting Eagle’s Majesty Potion x5 Use Coupon Code 3H2RxWJ2jB9x3 1/Account


20 % OFF

  • Stat Tomes & Limited Time: +7 Tomes!
  • Skill & UMD Tomes
  • Tomes of Learning
  • Select Tomes of Fate
  • Harper Agent Enhancement Tree


DDO Players News

From The Dungeon

Wizards Of The Coast Brings Back Some Nostalgia


On The Table Top

Asmodee Acquires Catan From Mayfair

The Walking Dead Miniatures Game Coming Soon

Champions of the Galaxy Review


Week in DDO


Drac Week



Shadar-Kai Lvl 18

The Devil’s Gambit

Grim and Barett  (No Drops)


Ranger/Rogue Lvl 19 (Reached)  With Pineleaf and Bonnie

The Vale of Twilight

  • Running with the Devils
  • Ritual Sacrifice
  • Greensteel tutorial
  • Now Shroud Flagged



WolfLock Lvl 18

The Inspired Quarter (With Bonnie Bew)

Eye of the Titan


The Vale of Twilight (With Bonnie Bew)

Rainbow in the Dark


Pineleaf Week

On Artificer 18-19 with Drac and Bonnie

The Vale of Twilight

  • Running with the Devils (reached level 19)
  • Ritual Sacrifice
  • Greensteel tutorial and I now have a greenish crossbow. What I can do with this thing?
  • Now Shroud flagged

Ranger – Level 1-2

Korthos Village

  • The Collaborator
  • Redemption
  • Sacrifices
  • Stopping the Sahuagin
  • Necromancer’s Doom



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iTunes Reviews

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Featured Comments


FuzzyDuck81 Left A Comment ON DDO Store Sales: January 8th – 14th

If you can only get one, IMO go Harper Agent, it opens up a whole load of extra build possibilities by going INT-specced for hit & damage on weapons & is particularly great for builds that rely on skills such as rogues & artificers.



Geoff Hanna Left A Comment On Asmodee Acquires Catan From Mayfair

GenCon is going to be very weird with only one company presenting all of the games.


Bonnie Bew Left A Comment On Wizards Of The Coast Brings Back Some Nostalgia

Ohmigawsh! Unearthed kits! Being a Baldur’s Gate fangirl, this totally brings me back!




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One comment

  1. FuzzyDuck81 /

    Good luck with building your greensteel crossbow – heroic greensteel is a beloved old crafting system that lets you make some really nice gear – not necessarily phenomenal on your 1st life due to the time needed to gather everything to craft it, but it’s only very recently that some of the new named items have caught up, and being able to pull the greensteel out of the bank is one of those “ohh yes” moments when you’re levelling a TR.

    I recommend looking into working on either rad2 (radiance) since that has a no-save blindness effect on critical hits (incidentally better than the new legendary greensteel which is a flat 5% chance on any hit), or ooze2 since that has a chance (2% or soi think) on any hit to spawn a black pudding – great for repeater-users due to the firing rate & particularly for artificers if you use your dog since augment summoning & similar effects will boost those too & it’s just fun being able to dispatch the dog & the squelchy horde against your foes, even if they aren’t doing much damage at higher levels, at the very least they gunk the place up pretty effectively to stop enemies from getting to you while you pewpew them safely from range.

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