DDO Players News Episode 70 – Pineleaf Is Dead To Me

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Update 29 Patch 2 is here and we talk about the release notes. The players council invites are going out! check your email if you applied. Outside of DDO, we now know how Ravensloft will be brought into the Adventure’s League. Drac goes over our plans for covering the Winter Fantasy Convention. The most shocking moment of the podcast is what we learn about Pineleaf!




Game News

Update 29 Patch 2 Release Notes

New Mini Pit Fiend Pet  595 TP / Tricks Available as well

Invitations for the 2016 DDO Players Council going out

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 176

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week  January 29th – February 4th

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  • Astral Shards
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DDO Players News

DDO Players Winter Fantasy 2016 Coverage To Start This Weekend.


From The Dungeon

Ed Greenwood Is Coming Back To The Forgotten Realms!

Curse of Strahd Map Sneak Peek

Curse Of Strahd In The Adventures League

Hero Lab With DnD 5th Edition SRD Review

Hero Lab Debuts D&D 5E SRD

OD&D Dungeons & Dragons Original Edition (0e) Now On DnD Classics

D&D Classics Merging Into DM’s Guild Soon

Pathfinder Adventures Online Card Game Coming Soon


On The Table Top

Classic Movie Labyrinth to get a squeal

Jane Austen’s Matchmaker with Zombies

Last Friday Slasher Game Coming Soon

Golem Arcana To End


Week in DDO

Drac Week


Rogue Lvl 4

The Sharn Syndicate *On Hard*

  • Stand Your Ground
  • Dirty Laundry bestowed
  • The Stormreaver Fresco
  • The Bookbinder Rescue
  • Repossession bestowed
  • Come Out and Slay


The Catacombs *On Hard*

  • The Friar’s Niece
  • To Find a Witness (Had to do it 2 times, bugged out and friend did not get credit 1rst time)
  • Duality
  • Chapter 1: The Old Archives


Ranger/Rogue Lvl 19  With Pineleaf

The Storm Horns

  • We went through the landscape and activated two of the way points.


Warlock – Lvl 21

Ran some daily dungeons. And a few Foundry quests. Found out there is a Ravenloft 3 quest story arch available, will be running next.. 🙂


Pineleaf Week


On Artificer 19 with Drac

The Storm Horns

  • We went through the landscape and activated two of the way points.

Ranger – Level 3-4

The Waterworks

  • The Kobolds’ Den: Clan Gnashtooth
  • The Kobold’s Den: Rescuing Arlos
  • Leveled to 4
  • I notice that the title of Gnashtooth is plural but of Arlos is singular


The Catacombs

  • The Sanctuary
  • Return to the Santuary
  • The Old Archives



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iTunes Reviews

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Featured Comments


Mok Taskmaster Left A Comment On Pathfinder Adventures Online Card Game Coming Soon

Pretty sure I bought this at Gen con 2014 directly from Paizo. I’ve even bought the player mats, and think I bought a couple of the ‘adventure pack’ expansions and extra character packs. Then I watched quite a few how-to-play videos, and as usual haven’t ever played it.

The system is very intriguing, because you can play it solo as well if you want. The game saves its state in between adventures with you keeping your upgrades after you finish each ‘path’ of the adventure, BUT you can’t have multiple adventures going on at one time with different groups, or solo and a group.

I am happy to see that THIS iteration is going to be on both Android and iPad. I’m SO SICK of hearing all these great digital games that are iPad only. I understand the why (all the same, ALL of them) but the market share isn’t nearly what it used to be to warrant iPad only, let alone iPad first. They also state ‘other platforms’ – which probably means Windows, either Windows-Store or Steam. Also good.

Once they have the framework up, I’m sure releasing updates for this will be easy for them. Sign me up!



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