DDO Players News Episode 73 Teasing Ravenloft


We are joined this week by Sahba Jade Of The Damsels Of DDO, We cover update 30 Round 2 on Lamannia. The Anniversary Dungeon, and the loot you can get for the Anniversary. (Spoiler lite, other than the Anniversary Loot) Outside of DDO WOTC is going full on with the teases for Curse Of Strahd.


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Show Notes

Game News

Update 30 Part 2 On Lamannia

Update 30 Coming To LIVE February 29th

Update 30 Lamannia Release Notes *Lamannia ONLY*

Update 30 Lamannia Known Issues *Lamannia ONLY*

Update 30 Preview Video With the Devs

  • Gnome 1,295 TP Both Normal and Deep
  • Anniversary Event should run through March (Stay tuned for exact dates on forums)
  • New Cosmetic Pet Coming With Update 30 Iron Defender
  • Gold/Silver/House Cannith Variety
  • Datacenter move scheduled to be 1rst Half of March (Stay Tuned To Forums, for more information)

Do Jewels of Fortune actually decrease drop rates of named loot?

Best Online Fantasy Game Update

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week February 19th – 25th

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  • Slayer Count Boosts
  • Select Shared Storage
  • Jewels of Fortune


DDO Players News

DDO Anniversary Event Preview

DDO Players Screen Shot Of The Week #43


From The Dungeon

Conan RPG Kickstarter funded in just over two hours

Gen Con Sends Out Survey To Judge Reaction To Adding ANOTHER Convention

New Weekly Show Coming From Wizards Of The Coast

More Teases From Wizards For Curse Of Strahd

New Issue Of Dragon + Is Full Of Ravenloft Mistiness!


On The Table Top

More OGRE On The Way From Steve Jackson Games


What’s Going On With The Damsels?

Special time for our next twitch stream and podcast, with special guest Cordovan.  It’ll be this Friday for the twitch stream (twitch.tv/DDOStream), between 7:30 and 8 Real Time. The podcast will be about the same time, on Saturday at lessah’s twitch (twitch.tv/lessah101).  The plan is to run Druid’s Deep and maybe Murder By Night.


Week in DDO

Drac Week


Rogue Lvl 5 (reached)

Finished the Catacombs

The Patriarchs’ Crypt *Hard*

Chapter 1: Setting the Wards: The Lower Cathedral

Chapter 2: Setting the Wards: The Patriarchs’ Crypt

Archbishop’s Daughter

Chapter 1: Endgame: Marguerite *hard*

Chapter 2: Endgame: The Archbishop’s Fate *Elite*


Warlock Lvl 9

Delera’s Tomb *Hard*

  • The Missing Party


Ranger LVL 20


  • Murder by Night


The High Road

  • Detour
  • Rest Stop

Did a preview video of Anniversary event on Lamannia


WolfLock Lvl 18

The Druid’s Deep

  • Outbreak


  • Murder By Night


Ranger –  41

Warlock –  30


Pineleaf Week

On Artificer 20 with Drac


  • Murder by Night (werewolves)

The High Road

  • Detour (poking fun at escort quests)
  • Rest Stop (That bear trap has one high DC; Drac gets a named bow)

Ranger – Level 5

Seal of Shan-to-Kor

  • The Sacred Helm

The Marketplace

  • Missing in Action (Hard)


Sahba Jade Week

Epic with the Damsels, eveningstar challenges.



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