Houdini’s Poutini Card Game Review


“Harry Houdini is throwing a dinner party for the world’s greatest magicians.”

To make this evening more special, he has prepared a unique delicacy — poutine! Unfortunately for everyone at the party, Houdini is a terrible cook. Each player must use their skills in magic to escape from the party without hurting Houdini’s feelings.




Houdini’s Poutini is a competitive game in which each player represents a group of five magicians. They must collect a combination of item cards with which they can perform magical escapes from the party. The Houdini card will mingle about the party, making it more difficult to escape the party without hurting his feelings. You must use your skills as a magician to get your entire group free from the party before time runs out and the poutine is served. When only one player remains or time runs out, anyone who was unable to escape must politely choke-down Houdini’s ill-prepared Franken-dish.

Game play is pretty simple, You start with 4 cards, then draw 2 cards. If an event comes up, you will have to do what it says. If you have an ESCAPE card, you can try get your people out the window, this requires you have the correct items.

The goal is to get 5 people escaped.


If you have the “Houdini” card in front of you, you may only draw 1 card.



I found the game to be fast paced and fun.. the artwork is good, and game play is fun. To me it was a variant on Rummy with a splash of old maid, it’s has the “screw over your friends” mechanic as well, which everyone loves.

My final thought is this, it’s a fun faced pace game with a tongue in check twist. Worth adding to your game self, for those games nights.


Houdini’s Poutini is coming soon from FPE Games. The official website can be found here.

A BIG THANK YOU to FPE Games for sending us the preview/review copy!



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