Neverwinter To Bring Tabletop DnD INSIDE The Game?


You indeed did read the title correct. Neverwinter is going to get all Meta on you. You will soon have the chance to play Tabletop DnD INSIDE of neverwinter. Confused? Ya, me too.



“Portobello DaVinci now joins Respen Durothil with his own ‘marvelous’ game in Neverwinter’s newest event – Portobello’s Campaign. Chris Perkins, principal story designer for Dungeons & Dragons, joins the cast of Neverwinter as adventurers play through an all-new Dungeons & Dragons tabletop experience inspired by the popular Acquisitions Inc. live games presented by Wizards of the Coast and Penny Arcade. This brand-new event will be available for Neverwinter PC on March 31.”


I don’t know about you, but my mind is now blown.

Here are a few screenshots

neverwinter02-1024x576neverwinter01-1024x576 neverwinter04-1024x576

Also there is a launch trailer for it

Yep.. Mind Blown… GREEN FLAME!!!!



  1. Well. I didn’t even read the YouTube comments and knew that was Chris Perkins narrating there.

    I’m confused though, is this really going to be D&D Tabletop Role Play?

    While the “trailer” for this looks very cool, and yes Drac very meta, it still appears that the ‘gameplay’ inside on the virtual table is just the button-masher that is Neverwinter…. But, maybe I’m wrong?

    • Draculetta /

      it’s a combo of both really.. You will start off by “sitting” at a virtual table, then as the action unfolds, it will open up to a “button masher” ala neverwinter.. but from what I understand using Minis.. so it really is a “Game within a game”

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