Have Questions For Knockback Or Cordovan?


Next Monday night will be recording episode 82 of the podcast. We will be having 2 special guests as well, Content Designer Knockback and Community Manager Cordovan will be joining us!



We hope to have a great live audience that night, but if you can’t make it and would like to ask any questions, please leave a reply to this post. We will be happy to ask your questions!

Knockback is not only the Content Designer, but he is the resident “Lore Guy” too! So if you have any lore questions he’s the one to ask!



  1. Chris /

    Any thoughts on updating the old feats to reflect the recent changes in the game
    Example:Like adding PRR to the toughness feat

  2. Hafeal /

    Will there be new content more in the vein of A Study in Sable, that is, something more than simple hack-n-slash?

  3. Graskitch /

    Were there any plans to add an additional saga(s)? The Trials of the Archons, Devils Gambit and the 2 legendary Vale quests (To Curse the Sky + Creeping Death) had storylines that could be woven into an Arratreikos/devil-themed saga, and there could be heroic/epic saga lines.

  4. Graskitch /

    Will you be running any additional trading card events this year? It is a shame that we have the Image Gallery but nothing to fill them with. I just hope it is not an abandoned feature. Would also be great to see the Mimic Event run again, but with some different prize options.

  5. Graskitch /

    The new random gen loot is great for the diverse range that is possible on items, but I would appreciate it if you could address the absence of the following from dropping: disruption, smiting, everbright, pure good, underwater action, blindness immunity (among others), or else if they could be added back?

  6. Graskitch /

    with the release of the iconic svirfneblin, are there definite plans to introduce additional illusion spells? I would like to see mirror image implemented, as well as some shadow conjuration spells (like summon monster), a Disguise spell that enhances Diplomacy or Intimidate. it would also be nice if there were more offensive illusionary spells that have DC checks. there could be an illusion spell that gives you a choice to mimic other spells (Wall of Fire, Blade Barrier, etc), except that the save check is a Will Save.

  7. Graskitch /

    are gnome slaying arrows dropping? not that I would want to kill any just yet, but it seems there are slaying arrows for all other races.

  8. Graskitch /

    are there any plans to revisit the Vault of the Artificers challenge rewards, to make epic level versions for those items? or are they intended to cap out at level 20?

  9. Graskitch /

    aside from Vargouille’s acknowledgement on 10/2/15 regarding the String Table Error issue being difficult to reference in the code, will there ever be any work done in fixing all these errors? I know it seems trivial in respect to the larger issues at hand, but if you cannot find the original code, then is it not possible just to REPLACE the original flavor texts with new dialogue? There are just SO many npc string table errors in-game right now.

  10. Kerkos /

    Any comment on the direction a crafting update would take. Such as : extension of craftable range to 30, adjusting the bonuses to be in line with current random loot, including the affixes that can be found on radom loot, making the crafting so that you pick pre- and suffixes then the level to get the bonuses like y’all did on the last loot pass.

  11. Kerkos /

    Any chance we can get more Malicia? She did set up the cliff hanger for us to chase her down to her home plane. Would be another good use for the planescaller. Maybe three qwest flag figuring out where her home plane is with a raid to take her down with a legion of other succubi. Only to find out we were wrong about her home plane again so we can have even more Malicia.

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