DDO Players News Episode 91 – I Want An Oompa Loompa



Bonnie Bew joins us this week! And Craziness Happens! She’s very sorry Australia And Scotland!

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Show Notes

Game News

Crystal Cove has returned!

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 195

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week July 1st – 7th

Lasting Potion of Resist Electricity (+10) x5 Use Coupon Code NOZAPME 1/Account


25 % OFF

  • Epic Destinies
  • Tomes of Fate
  • Key of Destiny
  • Fast Travel
  • Select Epic Adventure Packs


From The Dungeon

Neverwinter Lands On PS4 July 19th

Dungeons And Dragons Movie Looking At Casting Main Actor

Syrinscape releases Official Gen Con Soundset


On The Table Top

DDO Players King Chocolate (Mayfair Games) Review

Dungeon Time Kickstarter Launches From Ares Games

iello Announces King of New York: Power Up! Expansion



Week in Gaming

Drac Week


Druid Lvl 7 (Soon To Be WolfLock)

  • Harbor
  • An Explosive Situation
  • Arachnophobia
  • Durk’s Got A Secret *Elite*
  • Information Is Key *Elite*
  • The Miller’s Debt


Rogue Lvl 8

House Jorasco

  • Redwillow’s Ruin *Hard*
  • The Graverobber *Hard*


Ranger Lvl 20

Gnomework (With Pineleaf)

  • Search And Rescue
  • Good Intnetions





King Of Chocolate

Another “Mystery” game.. Review coming up later this week or early next week!


Pineleaf Week

Sun Elf Cleric (Morninglord) Level 15 (with Drac)


  • Search and Rescue (L15) – Yeech died too many times
  • Good Intentions on Artificer 20


Dwarf Warlock Level 7


Temple of Elemental Evil, Part 1

  • Created character – probably my first dwarf.
  • Golden Orb of Death dropped


Board Games

  • Completed The Temple of the Elemental Dragon in Descent: The Road to Legend.
  • Completed Forgotten Souls, one of the POD co-op adventures for Descent.
  • Tried out a new game: Octo Dice.



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