DDO Players News Episode 92 – Blame It On Pokémon

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We talk about the sad news of the layoffs, Cover the proposed changes to Cannith Crafting. And of course we cover the latest in RPG and Tabletop News!

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Game News

Confirmed:Turbine Hit With Another Round Of Layoffs, Transitioning Into F2P Mobile Game Studio

Cannith Crafting Discussion – Part 2

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 196

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week July 8th – 14th

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  • True Hearts of Wood
  • All Lesser Hearts Of Wood
  • Quest XP Elixirs
  • Healing Items
  • SP Potions


From The Dungeon

DDO Players Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Intrigue Companion Review


On The Table Top

Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game Kickstarter

Game-Night Bags Kickstarter

Dastardly Dirigibles Steampunk Airship Deck Building Game Now Available From Fireside Games

Silverclutch Games Games Takes Us Beneath The Nexus

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast Available Now On iOs And Android


Week in Gaming

Drac Week


Rogue Lvl 8 (With My Friend Wizard 9)

Searing Heights

  • Explorer/Rares/Slayers


Sentinels of Stormreach

  • Bargain of Blood *Hard* *We tried Elite, but traps tore us up (I could not find the boxes)


Ranger  7 (Gnome – Static Group With Mythery, Sahba Jade, Rent2Pwn)

  • 200 Total Favor

Delera’s Tomb (On Elite)

  • The Mystery of Delera’s Tomb
  • The Missing Party


Harbor *Elite*

  • Walk the Butcher’s Path
  • Stop Hazadill’s Shipment
  • The Kobold’s New Ringleader
  • Garrison’s Missing Pack
  • Durk’s Got A Secret
  • Bringing The LIght
  • Kobold Assault
  • Haverdasher
  • Information Is Key
  • The Captives

The Waterworks *Elite*

  • The Kobold’s Den: Clan Gnashtooth
  • The Kobold’s Den: Rescuing Arlos
  • Venn’s Trail: Clan Tunnelworm
  • Venn’s Trail: Venn’s Fate


Rogue Lvl 8 (With Pineleaf)


  • Redwillow’s Ruins

Vaults of Night

  • The Prisoner
  • Gateway to Khyber
  • The Jungle of Khyber
  • Reached level 9 at end



(Older Tabletop Games)

  • League Of Pirates
  • Key Largo


  • Boss Monster
  • Boss Monster (Digital)


  • Dastardly Dirigibles (For Review)


Tabletop Simulator


  • Zombies!!!



Pineleaf Week

Gnome warlock Level 8 (with Drac)


  • Redwillow’s Ruins


Vaults of Night

  • The Prisoner
  • Gateway to Khyber
  • The Jungle of Khyber – in a reversal, Drac is the one who kept on dying
  • Reached level 9 at end

Human Wolflock

Korthos Village (Level 1)

  • The Grotto
    • Talbron seems to have learned how to teleport.
  • Heyton’s Rest
    • Halfway through I discovered that I had no Charisma in my build so I rerolled
  • The Grotto
  • Heyton’s Rest
  • The Cannith Crystal
  • The Storehouse’s Secret
  • The Collaborator


Korthos Island (Level 2)

  • Redemption
  • Necromancer’s Doom
  • Sacrifices (made the jump test on first attempt)
  • Misery’s Peak


The Harbor (Druid 2 / Warlock 1)

  • Bringing the Light

Dwarf Warlock Level 7

Temple of Elemental Evil, Part 1

  • Completed Part 1


Human Monk (Life 2) Level 1

Character Creation

  • Performed the True Reincarnation
  • The Grotto


From the Tabletop

The Mailbag

  • Tiny Epic Galaxies
  • Three in One – somehow fit in my mailbox (do I have a Tardis Mailbox?)
    • Deep Space D-6
    • Nature’s Ire for Descent
    • Elevenses for One – a very fast Kickstarter fulfillment



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iTunes Reviews

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Featured Comments

Ted Snyder on – DDO Players Tyrants Of The Underdark Review

Thank you for the review.  I’d been looking at picking up some of the cooperative play board games like Temple of Elemental Evil based upon the descriptions at the WotC website, and hadn’t thought much of this game or the Lords of Waterdeep.  But your review makes it look like it would be a lot of fun!  Now I have a tough decision to make… which one to get first 🙂



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