Force Grey: Giant Hunters – Episode 1

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We told you there was a new show coming from the Nerdist, based on the new Storm King’s Thunder storyline. The time has come, you can knew watch Episode 1 of Force Grey: Giant Hunters



Your DmMatt Mercer, of Critical Role

The Party

Chris Hardwick Whil Wee-Tawn – Sun Elf Wizard
Ashley Johnson Dagny Halvor – Half-Orc Cleric
Shelby Fero Katya Horn – Dwarf Fighter
Jonah Ray Joppa – Human Monk
Utkarsh Ambudkar Hitch – Human Rogue

The astute among you, will notice there is no  Brian Posehn. His character vanished in the very beginning of the prologue episode. I would guess we see him soon? maybe?



If your sensitive to adult language and adult humor your warned now.



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