An Expansion For DDO Coming In 2017?




Executive Producer Severlin responded in a thread today, and dropped an bombshell, or the biggest troll ever. you be the judge

We are planning out the future of DDO in years, and discussing the possibility of an expansion near the end of 2017. Cool things are coming.


What? What? What?

This is a great to see, with the news we got last week, let the speculation begin, for what this will be. I’ll just state for the record “Ravenloft” would be a good choice, just saying.




  1. Ravenloft will be the 2017 classic module. The expansion is either Anauroch or City of Waterdeep / Undermountain / Skullport

  2. Widowailer /

    Planescape would bring back- in ALOT of players.

  3. Widowailer /

    Would also like to see an alternative to korthos island, maybe kill 2 birds with one stone? Yes, I mean new level 1-5 adventures 🙂

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