DDO Players News Episode 94 – Out For A Pokéwalk



Drac is joined by Lessah from the Damsels Of DDO, and The Cocktail Hour this week, we cover the news (after Lessah derails the show talking about Pokémon) of a expansion on the horizon for 2017, Crafting Updates, And Mail Box clearing. Also cover the latest from RPG and Tabletop gaming!

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Game News

An Expansion For DDO Coming In 2017?

Lag Reduction and Mailbox Limits: Last Call!

Update 31 Patch 4 Release Notes

Cannith Crafting More Info + Recap

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 198


Store Sales

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DDO Players News

Top Six Most Anticipated Games At Gen Con 2016


From The Dungeon

The World of Darkness Documentary In The Works

Force Grey: Giant Hunters – Episode 2 Giants, Ogres, and Goblins, Oh My!

DM’s Guild Modules Now In Fantasy Grounds

Cthulhu For President

Star Trek™ Adventures Role Playing Coming From Modiphius Entertainment

Acrobatica Infiniti Circus Coming Back To Gen Con


On The Table Top

2016 Spiel Des Jahres And Kennerspiel Des Jahres Winners Announced

DDO Players Tabletop Box Subscription Service Review

Cthulhu in the House Coming From CoolMiniOrNot

Vampire Hunters Coming From Dark Gate Games

DDO Players Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters Review


Week in Gaming

Drac Week


Rogue Lvl 9 *Reached*

House Deneith

  • The Depths of Despair *Elite*
  • The Depths of Darkness *Elite*
  • The Depths of Discord *Elite*
  • The Depths of Doom *Elite*


(solo) Had to catch up


House Phiarlan

  • Rest for the Restless *Eltie*
  • Purge the Heretics *Elite*
  • Caged Trolls *Elite*


The Marketplace

  • Proof is in the Poison *Elite*
  • Archer Point Defense *Elite*


Ranger Lvl 20

Kings Forest Slayers



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