DDO Players News Episode 96 A Wolf Ate My Sheep



Drac survived Gen Con, And Pineleaf has sheep problems.


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Game News

The DDO Chronicle: Issue 200

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DDO Players News

DDO Players Gen Con 2016 Haba USA Interview With Lea Culliton


From The Dungeon

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Force Grey: Giant Hunters Episode 4 Seeking The Sun Dragon

Critical Role RPG Books, Coming From Geek & Sundry And Green Ronin


On The Table Top

Burger Up! Card Game

What’s coming next from Rather Dashing Games

The Lords Of Rock Kickstarter

Sharknado: The Board Game

RuneWars: The Miniatures Game Coming From Fantasy Flight


Week in Gaming

Drac Week

  • Welcome To The Dungeon Board Game
  • Hackmaster
  • Battle Monkeys (For an upcoming review)


Pineleaf Week

Warforged Warlock Level 7

Temple of Elemental Evil, Part 1

Actually died in the secret area after the gargoyle room. At least it was right next to the resurrection shrine, so I was able to continue.


Human Druid 2 / Warlock 2


  • The Sacred Helm (leveled to Warlock 2)

Sharn Syndicate

  • Stand Your Ground
  • Dirty Laundry




  • Worked on expanding an NPC village and a cleric got stuck in a well


MP Server

  • Build a reasonable zombie farm
  • Learned that one has to keep an eye on wolves
  • Learned that the local villagers like visiting the Nether



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Featured Comments

Grimorde Left a comment on The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

I joined the KickStarter for this. It was the first Fighting Fantasy book I bought and the Tin Man version, Looks great! – can’t wait



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