Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Horror Adventures Review

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Horror Adventures is a 255 page hardback book that will bring in the horror to your Pathfinder campaign. It will give your options to play a hero in a horror themed adventure.



The book is broken down into eight chapters. Chapter one discusses how different characters can be incorporated into horror adventures while chapter two introduces new character archetypes and class options for those battling the darkness. Chapter three discusses feats and chapter four introduces spells and rituals.

Chapter five discusses the various aspects of horror and gives game masters all the rules they need to run a horror campaign. Chapter six deals specifically with ideas for running horror adventures and chapter seven introduces horror gear and magic items. A small bestiary of horror-type monsters is included in chapter eight.

Right off the bat I have to say that I LOVE the fear, sanity and corruption, also several horror characters such as the lich, promethean, hive, ghoul and deep one can be played. I mean who would not want to play a lich!, And the aspect of adding the fear and sanity, will immerse you into the game more.




There are also several new archetypes for the well-known classes are available in chapter two, including the moon-cursed barbarian, gravedigger investigator, soul sentinel paladin or the witch-killer slayer.




Of course we get a nice selection of new spells, for those finger wigglers in the crowd, there are spells to make people bleed, control the undead, manipulate eldritch entities or drain life from the living. More than 70 new spells are detailed.

They also give you some great hints and tips to running a horror themed campaign. Nice tips, I think you can use in any game, not just Pathfinder.

And of course, we get weapons and gear, that will help you through all the horrors you about to face, and speaking of those horrors, there is a nice to selection of monsters you will face in your nightmares.



Final Thoughts

Production wise this book is great.  The pages feel nice and thick, I think they will hold up to continued use and turning. The artwork is solid and amazing, I would expect nothing less from the fine folks at Paizo

The major sell point in my opinion in this book is the new corruptions options, you have. These can really make your game play interesting. If you don’t try to atone for your “sin” you could become an NPC!

If you want to incorporate some horror in your pathfinder, then this is you book, it has all that would need.

This is one of the rare books where I think both the player and the Gamemaster will get use. There are plenty to offer for both. So don’t let that hold back if your just a player, there is enough in the book to make it worth the purchase. And of course Gamemasters will devour all the new options you are presented here.




You can pick up your own copy via the Paizo webstore In either Print or PDF version.  You can also order a print copy over at Amazon


A BIG THANK YOU, To Paizo for sending us the copy for review!



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